Paragon Kiln - Fireluxe

Firing Schedule Produces Spikes

  I am a beginning glass fuser. I recently purchased a kiln. I’m full-fusing pendants. Each firing schedule I’ve used has caused spikes. My kiln is a new Paragon Fusion7. I have talked to the … (read more)

stained glass

Stained Glass Frequently Asked Questions

Your Stained Glass Questions Stained glass projects are inspiring and fun, but also sometimes very tricky. This page is for those moments. You’re happily making your stained glass panels, when suddenly you hit a problem. … (read more)

stained glass fire screen

Stained Glass Fire Screen Ideas

Ever picked one of these fire screens (or similar) up from a thrift shop? I was asked for some ideas for incorporating stained glass into it and came up with these suggestions: 1. Use the … (read more)

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