I offer proven online stained glass classes, videos and tutorials giving beginners and improvers the skills and creative confidence to make beautiful stained glass. I show you how.

Stained Glass Made Perfect

If your soldering is lumpy, your cutting wonky or your patina is blotchy, this class will help you.

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It is packed with nuggets of professional advice on copper foil construction. Everything is explained in a structured step-by-step way, giving you the chance to nail those trickier basics once and for all.

You’ll be free of poor habits and ready to make stained glass you’re proud of.

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Leaded Stained Glass Artistry

This complete step-by-step lead came starter project is full of professional tips.

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It offers you the chance to expand your skills and watch your creativity flourish.
Videos and slideshows take you through each step.

You’ll be fired with enthusiasm and ready to set your artistry free.

Conquering Curves

Conquering Curves shines a spotlight just where you need it most; on cutting perfect curves.

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With videos and worksheets, it contains all my tips for successfully tackling those pesky curves once and for all.

You'll soon nail those tricky inside curves and start making beautiful stained glass that fits together perfectly.

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Stained Glass Design Magic

Do you have a picture in your mind but don’t know how to make it come to life as a stained glass design?
My Stained Glass Design Magic class gives you a set of practical design tools to take you from your mind’s eye to a beautiful stained glass design.

Covering the 4 Pillars of Stained Glass Design the class provides a map, a place to start and a guided pathway towards design success.

Design Magic 2020 is now full.

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Risk Free

Don't forget, we're here to serve, which is why all our stained glass classes come with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee.

But Don't Listen To Me - Listen To The Class Students!

"This course has been a highlight in my learning about stained glass art."

Who would have believed that such results could be achieved online!
My greatest accomplishment, in my mind, is that all the corners are SQUARED!

Ann Sirles

Leaded Stained Glass Artistry Student, Alabama, US

"What a difference in accuracy!"

No more cutting along fuzzy marker lines, and then trying to grind each piece with the marker washing off.
Thank you thank you thank you for the different options! Well worth the $$ already and I'm only half-way through it. 


Sherie Quinton

Stained Glass Made Perfect Student, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I've just spent a day putting all your advice from the cutting and grozing modules into practice and it has made such a difference!"

I've been working with stained glass for a couple of years. I'm really pleased with the results and am looking forward to carrying on with the rest of the course to see what else I can improve on! 


Adrienne Gilling

Stained Glass Made Perfect Student, Shropshire, UK