image of stained glass applique

Creative Glass Mosaics

Applique Tutorial The stained glass applique method is straightforward, subtle, and much less laborious than copperfoil or leaded work. Here’s how to: Save money with advice on the best glue to use for applique Create … (read more)

Patrick Reyntiens dalle de verre

Dalle de Verre Film

This is a gem! A short film (2.5 minutes) showing Dalle de verre being made. If you aren’t sure what Dalle de verre is they’re like chunky mosaics. It’s the technique of sawing or breaking … (read more)

Stained glass applique

Glass On Glass Mosaic Instructions

Have you ever tried Stained Glass Appliqué? It’s a fantastically easy way of creating panels without lead or soldering. What’s more, you can use up all those scappy bits of leftover glass to create stunning … (read more)

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