bowl with folded edges from slumping over mold

Shaping Glass Bowls

Learn about ways to slump glass bowls in different types of molds. Includes clay, stainless steel and fibre-blanket molds.

cracks showing incompatible blue glass

How To Make A Bowl

Make beautiful bowls by following these simple steps. Contains kiln firing schedule, video and troubleshooting section.

firing schedule records

Kiln Firing Schedule

Useful kiln firing schedule tips for getting started with a glass kiln. Understanding the firing stages for successful results.

Learn Fusing And Slumping

Make Glass Bowls Ever wanted to make your own glass plates and bowls? There’s instructions here to show you how to do just that. If you’re just starting out with warm glass there’s a lot … (read more)

two commercial clay slumping molds

Glass sizes on mould?

Question about Glass size on a slumping Mold I am trying to slump glass, and wanted to ask about the glass size on a mold. Should it be smaller than the mold when you cut … (read more)

Glass painting kiln

Questions about Kilns

What Kiln Should I Buy? Glass painting kiln I would like to start painting on glass but don’t know what kiln to buy. I need to have a kiln that will run on a 13amp … (read more)

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