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A big welcome to Everything Stained Glass! I’m delighted you’re joining our stained glass community.
My passion is helping those new to stained glass create beautiful things. Making stained glass adds something special to our lives.
If you’ve already started you’ll know what I’m talking about… and if you haven’t you have a real treat in store! has been around for 8 years now with new material added regularly on a wide range of topics, from tips on the Copper Foiling Technique to tutorials on Learning Lead Came.
If you’re new to this site I’ve gathered some of my very best information together on this page to get you started.

STEP ONE: Introducing Ourselves

milly frances stained glass artist at work and play

If you’re wondering ’who IS Milly Frances and what’s her story?’ you might want to check out my about page. Then drop me a line telling me a bit about you. I’d love to hear about where you’ve travelled with your stained glass journey so far.

STEP TWO: Join The Sharing Gang

There’s always new tips being added at Everything Stained Glass but happily there’s lots of ways to make sure you don’t miss out.
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everything-stained-glass-pinterest02-webAs you know, there’s nothing better than looking at and being inspired by stained glass images on Pinterest. I’ve created boards on Stained Glass Tutorials, Stain Glass in Buildings and Stained Glass Trees to name but a tasty few! Feel free to come on over.

youtube-web‘How-to’ videos are irresistible when you start making stained glass. My YouTube Channel is updated regularly and has hundreds of followers. What are they watching? All sorts; from Stained Glass Cost Saving Tricks to The Key to a Perfect Score Line  and Using A Circle Cutter. You’re more than welcome to join us.

fb-webYou’ll find current stained glassy events, breaking news and inspirational images on the Everything Stained Glass Facebook page. There are thousands of community members and I’d love you to be part of it.

I try my best to answer every email and comment I receive so if you have something you’re dying to tell me, put finger to keyboard and let me know! An answer may take a little while as it’s just me, so try and be patient.

STEP THREE: Dive Into The Everything Stained Glass School

Giving you the skills to create beautiful things

That buzz when you lift your stained glass from the bench and hold it up to the light is truly the finest moment. My job at to help you reach that moment with confidence and satisfaction. I’m not interested in the ‘right’ way, I’m interested in the way that suits you best.
There are lots of tutorials to guide you on Everything Stained Glass. I’ve selected a few of the most helpful for you here.

Start Making Stained Glass

Best of the Best

Stained Glass Problems Solved

stained glass work by studentsThe following tutorials answer the most pressing problems that people experience when they start making stained glass. I hope you find them helpful.

I have also put my passion for sharing the joy of stained glass into creating my online Stained Glass Made Perfect course. It’s aimed at beginners and improvers and covers absolutely everything you need to know, from choosing the best tools to hanging your beautiful sun catcher.

If you like comparing tools before you buy you’ll like my review pages; I’ve covered Glass Cutters, Soldering Irons, Grinders, Stained Glass Kits and even Stained Glass Saws!

Luckily for us, inspiration is easy to come by in our stained glass world. These Visitor Pages offer you the chance to check out and be encouraged by the talent of other learners.

Brand new to stained glass?

stained glass techniques

I know how confusing it is if you're desperate to start making stained glass and are not sure of the steps you need to take to get sparkling results. My special love is introducing people to this beautiful craft so I have lots of help for you. Here’s the pick of the bunch:

Want to move to the next level?

making stained glass collage

If you have basic stained glass skills and want to get better and better I’ve created lots of material to help you improve. You might like to start with these:

I’m looking forward to hearing how you get on in your stained glass journey. Now is the time to create beautiful things!