Stained Glass Tools

In this section you’ll find every tool and material you need to make stained glass.They’re organised by technique when applicable, with separate pages for Copper Foiling Tools and Leaded Stained Glass Tools.
If you’d like to know which tools I use – and why – I have a list of Recommended Tools here. You’ll find reviews and practical information on Glass Cutting Tools, Soldering Irons, Stained Glass Sheets and Grinders.
I take reviews seriously and would never recommend a product I haven’t tried myself. I weigh up both the good and the bad to help you make the right choices for your needs.

Get the best Stained Glass Kit
Ready-made Starter Kits make tool buying simple. Make sure you get the best bundle of equipment and don’t pay for things you don’t actually need by reading these Stained Glass Kit reviews.

Hakko soldering iron

Top performing Soldering Iron
Select the best Soldering Iron and achieve smooth rounded seams. Find out about which wattage you need and the best type of tips to use. Includes amazing stained glass soldering video.

glastar glass grinderAchieve Precision Fits
Cut down on waste with a Stained Glass Grinder that matches your particular needs. Read reviews of different grinders and find out which one comes out top for value and quality.

Stained Glass Made Perfect online course