blue etching stencil

Using Glass Etching Stencils

How To Etch Glass With Stencils There’s hundreds of glass etching stencils to choose from, so how do you know which ones are best for you? Read on to: Find out how to etch glass … (read more)

glass etching materials

Best Value Etching Kit

What You Get In Your Kit With a glass etching kit you can transform boring glassware into individual gifts for friends. This page will help you Compare kits for value and quality Save time with … (read more)

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Etching With Acid

Tutorial on the wonders of glass etching with acid. Includes different types of resists and original photos.

Slightly opaque glass

Acid Etching Questions

Answers to Etching Questions Can etching be done at home? We have been asked to restore eight Victorian stained glass panels from a house in Southport, Lancashire UK. The majority of the work is simple … (read more)

Silkscreened white glass

Etching Glass Questions

Etching Glass Questions Answered How Can I Get Screenprinted Etching Cream Even? Silkscreened white glass I want to know how to silk screen etching cream an even white. Generally I use abf powder with water … (read more)

Dangers of Glass Etching Acid

Health Risks of Using Acid to Etch Glass Where can I purchase hydrofluoric acid for etching glass? Thanks – and I love your site! Milly’s answer: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to underline just how … (read more)

blue etched penguins

Etching terminology for U.S users?

I am from the U.S. and a bit confused by some of the terminology on the techniques page. For the masking agents, you mention “bitumen” and “Fablon”. Is bitumen related to asphaultum or another metal … (read more)

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