Amber Hiscott Stained Glass

Amber Hiscott is a stained glass artist who has inspired me from WAY back when I was just starting out. I loved the movement in her work and bold use of colour. Back then she … (read more)

Andrew Moor Art Glass

My love of stained glass started with Andrew Moor’s book ‘Contemporary Stained Glass’. I was amazed by the variation and possibilities of glass. Even if we don’t do HUGE architectural projects like these below, we … (read more)

Symbolic Red Ribbon in window

Church Stained Glass Windows

Church stained glass windows are what made most of us passionate about stained glass. We went inside and saw the coloured light spreading over the walls and floor and felt… uplifted, transported. This delight has … (read more)

blue and red langen window

Religious Stained Glass Windows

Schreiter’s Quiet Masterpiece Religious stained glass windows don’t have to be loud. If there were one set windows I’d love to have near me, so that I could visit regularly, these would be it. In … (read more)

cathedral glass

Religious Windows?

Poensgen Pushes The Boundaries Church stained glass windows do not look like this. These four enormous pillars of light are more like walls than the traditional windows we know and love. Surrounding the altar in … (read more)

fantastic red devil at Fairford

Stained Glass Church Windows

St Mary’s Church, Fairford Seeing St Mary’s Church stained glass windows in Fairford is an amazing experience. I’ve always been a huge fan of medieval stained glass painting, but this is something else; a huge … (read more)

delicate patterned window

Religious Stained Glass Windows

Jochem Poensgen Poensgen’s church stained glass windows are more about the church than the windows. Contradictory as this may sound, his stated priority is to make windows you can live with, not windows to look … (read more)

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