Zia Colorida II

Zia Colorida Stained Glass Panel A client liked our original “Zia Colorida” (the “Zia Sun” is the icon of New Mexico), and commissioned a re-creation (we don’t do — or attempt! — replication). This was … (read more)

Close Up Detail

Readers Stained Glass Designs

Original 3-D Designs Gail Koebke Chesapeake Beach, Maryland I’ve taken the liberty to send you a couple pictures of my latest accomplishments. The Christmas tree is the 5th item I’ve made, it stands about 7″ … (read more)

Nancy’s Transom Windows

My first comissioned piece. This is the piece I had asked you questions about as far as reinforcing the panels. I learned a lot with this project .152 hours! After expenses I think I made … (read more)

Abstract 'Norfolk' Design

Stained Glass Panel Images

Visitor’s Stained Glass Window Images Panel with 175 Pieces This panel was rather difficult and time comsuming with about 175 pieces..many small,,,but a joy none the less. Milly’s comment: Wow, thanks for this PJ, it … (read more)

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