Symbolic Red Ribbon in window

Church Stained Glass Windows

Church stained glass windows are what made most of us passionate about stained glass. We went inside and saw the coloured light spreading over the walls and floor and felt… uplifted, transported. This delight has … (read more)

buschulte st Patroklus windows

Church Stain Glass Windows

Buschulte’s Colourful Masterpieces The one thing that strikes me when looking at Buschulte’s church stained glass windows is: ‘How does he get away with it?!’ When I was at art school I was always told … (read more)

rose window at Chartres

Chartres Cathedral

History Of Stunning Medieval Windows Chartres Cathedral is the home of the most famous medieval stained glass windows in the world. Hardly surprising, when you think of the amazing feat of its construction – every … (read more)

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