Stained Glass Cutting – Thin Strips

Cutting Thin Stained Glass Strips Expertly One of the more difficult stained glass cutting tasks is cutting small strips without snapping the ends off. Cutting straight lines when they’re very close together can be tricky … (read more)

Cutting Large Sheets of Art Glass

Cutting large sheets of art glass… does even the thought of this absolutely petrify you?! If so, I’ve made a video especially for you. It will help you see that cutting large sheets of glass … (read more)

Cutting Stained Glass By Tapping Video

Cutting stained glass by tapping is a good way to open up those stubborn score lines that don’t come apart easily. If you add this skill to your cutting repertoire you will reduce glass wastage. Always a good … (read more)

cut dolphin stained glass pieces

Squaring Stained Glass Panels

Squaring Stained Glass – Making Your Panel Fit Squaring stained glass is a combination of accurate cutting and constant checking. This tutorial is for those who struggle with making sure a copper foiled panel is … (read more)

The Key To A Perfect Scoreline

A perfect scoreline makes EVERYTHING easier. But how much pressure should you use when you make a score on the glass? This is a question that I get asked a LOT, so I decided to … (read more)

Cutting Stained Glass Circles

No Circle Cutter Needed Cutting stained glass circles can be done easily with basic stained glass equipment. Expensive circle cutters can help you – and they do work, but here you’ll learn how to cut perfect circles … (read more)

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