using a needle to scrape paint

Painting Trace Lines

Learn traditional glass painting from an expert. See how to use brushes for outlining your design. Contains video, photos and kiln firing schedule.

mixed glass paint

Perfect Paint Mixing

Achieve smooth painted lines by learning how to mix paint perfectly. Contains unique photos.

Colorful glass samples

Glass Painting Questions

How to decorate with paint on wine glasses I want to teach patients how to paint on wine glasses, so they can decorate glasses that will be suitable for sale to support our Not For Profit … (read more)

Firing Schedule for Paint and Stain

Help needed with firing schedule I need help with a firing schedule, to include annealing. I am staining some replacement diamond shapes in the old type German cathedral glass (minster glass) and I cannot find … (read more)

stained glass paint

Deep Glass Paint Colors

How to fire stained glass paint to create deeper and richer colors. Full of tips for getting the most from colored enamels.

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