Cutting Large Sheets of Art Glass

Cutting large sheets of art glass… does even the thought of this absolutely petrify you?! If so, I’ve made a video especially for you. It will help you see that cutting large sheets of glass … (read more)

Glass shapes and very thick glass cut with a ring saw

5 Things Stained Glass Saws Do Well

Although you can manage without there are times when stained glass saws are a good idea. My recommended glass saw is the Taurus Ring Saw (affiliate) and this is what I suggest using it for: … (read more)

Cutters Mate

Is Cutter’s Mate Any Good?

Making Cutting Glass Easier Cutters Mate I am looking into buying a Cutter’s Mate, glass saw or cutter of some sorts. I am wondering what kind of cutting system most have used on here and … (read more)

How To Use A Circle Cutter

Cut Perfect Circles First Time This circle cutter is very easy to use. It only takes a couple of practice runs to get really good at it. If you start off with window glass then … (read more)

Ephrem's glass bottle cutter

Glass Bottle Cutter

Create home projects easily with this glass bottle cutter. Glasses, lamp shades and candle holders are simple to make.

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