Stained Glass Tutorials

In this section you’ll find all the step-by-step stained glass tutorials on both the Copper Foil Technique and Lead Came Construction, Glass Cutting and Design and Pattern Prep, Framing and Hanging, Fusing and Decorative Techniques.

Improve your Stained Glass Soldering here
Find tips and tricks to help you achieve a beautifully smooth soldered seam. You’ll discover how to get a lovely rounded edge on your sun catchers and how to fill in unsightly gaps.

stained glass patina instructions

A Sparkling Finish is yours
Patina and Polish is the last step and the one that truly makes your stained glass stand out. Find out how to achieve a gorgeous uniform finish and see your work gleam.

squared stained glass dolphin panelHang you stained glass work with pride
Don’t end up with stacks of stained glass gathering dust in a cupboard. Find out how to Frame and Add Hooks so that your beautiful work takes centre stage.



My simple to follow free eBook shows you how easy it is to cut even the most difficult type of curves in stained glass.

Stained Glass Made Perfect online course
Stained Glass Tutorials

Stained Glass Cutting Technique – Tips for Accurate Cutting

Improve Your Stained Glass Cutting Technique Accurate cutting by Milly's student Denise Whittle There are lots of factors that result in an accurate stained glass cutting technique. The angle of the cutter head, the pressure and consistency to name a few. You know this but continue to struggle. Your panel grows…
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Copper Foil Construction

Stained Glass Christmas Tree Pattern Instructions

Stained Glass Christmas Tree Pattern This stained glass Christmas tree pattern is a spectacular 4-sided festive delight. It would look great as a table decoration as it stands up on its own. The pattern could easily be adapted for other designs. For example, you could make a 4-sided stained glass…
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Copper Foil Construction

Stained Glass Soldering Techniques – The Key to Smooth Soldering

What REALLY makes a smooth solder seam? Great soldering technique by Milly's online student Maggie Winters You all know that lumpy solder seam feeling. You try and TRY to improve your stained glass soldering techniques but STILL you can't get a nice smooth finish. Well I have a secret for you.…
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