Stained Glass Kits – Reviews

Compare Value and Quality Stained glass kits save you money but how can you be sure that the one you choose is both high quality and contains everything you need? I’ve checked out lots of … (read more)

oyster knife

Useful Leading Tools

Useful stained glass tools explained. Learn what to use a Fid, lathekin and oyster knife for when leading a panel.

Tools for Leaded Stained Glass

Essential Equipment for Leaded Stained Glass This isn’t a leaded stained glass tools wish list, that would be far longer! This page introduces you to the essential stained glass tools for the lead came technique and helps … (read more)

Half Rounded Lead

Hi I’m just writing a long list of glass supplies which I need and have noticed that half rounded stained glass lead is approximately £1 per 2m more expensive than flat lead. I have never … (read more)

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