How to Cut Stars In Glass

Shapes you can cut

Shapes you can cut

I want to cut out a star shape out in one piece. Is that possible and is there a trick to that?

Milly’s reply:

Thanks for your question Peggy.

The short answer is that there isn’t a trick, sadly, no 🙁

You can’t cut an acute, angled shape out of a piece of glass. What you’ll have to do is break the star up into cuttable pieces.

If you have a look at the maple leaf above, you’ll see the basic principle. You can have a circle or square in the middle of your star.

If you imagine the leaves in the maple to be the points in the star, you pretty much have it!

Funnily enough, I’ve just this week devised three slideshows to help people understand the shapes you can and can’t cut in glass.

And also which ones are easy and difficult.

You can take a look at all the slideshows here.

I hope that helps, and sorry not to be able to give you a magic answer.


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