Stained Glass Painting

Painting on Glass Tutorials

Painting on glass is a very exciting stained glass technique.

It allows your creativity to run free, without the constraints of cutting, leading or any of the other processes that require accuracy and lots of fiddly pieces fitting together.

This section covers everything you need to know about traditional Stained Glass Painting.
Scroll down this page for links to all the different tutorials, ranging from different Types Of Paint and how to choose the right one for you. Step-by-step guides to painting techniques and advice on buying materials and suppliers.

There’s clear and detailed instructions for those who have never done painting on glass before, alongside more advanced tutorials for the more experienced.

Stained Glass Painting Tutorials

piper blue and yellow 1. Types Of Paint. This page will answer all your questions about paint. What is it, which type of paints are available, and which one is right for your particular project? Find the answers here. Also includes suggestions for suppliers.
mixing enamels 2. Perfect Paint Mixing. Find out how to mix your paint so that you can create smooth lines and perfect blending. Learn about the different mediums to mix the paint with. Find out what the best consistency is and how to test if you’ve got it right.
brushes for stained glass 3. Painting Trace Lines Find out the best brushes and tools for beginners and how to charge the brush properly before painting. Liven up your painting by using a needle to enhance the line work. Fire your stained glass painting with the kiln firing schedule included.
selection of brushes 4. Blending Paint Tutorial Find out about the specialist brushes you need for matting, how to use a badger brush to blend your stained glass painting and all about creating 3-D art by selectively removing the paint with ‘scrubs’.
blue and yellow etched leaf Silver Stain Tutorial How to give your glasswork a beautiful golden glow by using silver nitrate. Helpful advice on applying and firing silver stain.
pink and blue glass paint Stained Glass Painting with coloured enamels – an overview. What are they? Tips to achieve the best results and different ways of applying them.
two pinky purple enamelled windows How to get the best from coloured enamels. Learn how Layering Stained Glass Paint thinly and firing repeatedly results in a much deeper colours.

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10 thoughts on “Stained Glass Painting”

  1. Do you have a recommend kiln/kiln size to use? Assuming the average size pieces you’re painting are small. I have not ventured into painting, but have been learning and practicing Stained Glass creation for a few years as a hobby. I wanted to try and branch out into the painting aspect. So as a hobby and for a home studio, what size would be reasonable? Should it have auto ramp settings or do you fire at single temps?

    • You can buy dedicated stained glass kilns Erin – they have more ‘slotted’ shelves that slide out, rather than the more traditional pottery one that’s deep and uses stacked shelf supports. Kilncare in the UK make them:
      However, when I first started I bought a second-hand small pottery kiln which was far cheaper than a stained glass one… I moved on to a large flatbed one which could fuse as well. I still have the small one for smaller work and never did get the dedicated one although I coveted it!
      I hope that helps.

  2. I can’t find a hot link in the glass painting tutorial on blending:
    “Blending Paint Tutorial Find out about the specialist brushes you need for matting, how to use a badger brush to blend your stained glass painting and all about creating 3-D art by selectively removing the paint with ‘scrubs’.”
    How do I get to this tutorial?

  3. I love your emails and watch them religiously, espr\ecially since the pandemic. You are a truly gifted artist and I thank you for all your tips and tutorials. I also like to see the different tools and how to use them properly. Now I cannot wait to do the painting classes. I had an opportunity to try it years ago, but only the first step, and was really interested in going further but could not find anything. I am looking forward to your tutorials, cannot wait!thank you so much.

    • Thank you Elly, that’s very kind. I don’t have a paid-for course in Painting but these free tutorials will start you off on a good footing. Good luck and I hope you love it as I do.

  4. Hi Milly,
    I’d love to find someone who would paint some glass in my house.
    Could you perhaps recommend someone? I’m in Lichfield, Staffordshire.
    Thank you,
    Darin Qualls


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