Cutting Stained Glass

Learn How to Cut Stained Glass – Tutorials For All Skill Levels

Learning how to cut stained glass is the most scary process you’ll have to do when making stained glass. But that’s only because it’s such a different material from anything you’re used to. There’s nothing quite like it.

Each step in these tutorials is taken slowly, taking the fear out of stained glass and showing you the beauty instead. You’ll be cutting like a professional in no time!

Stained Glass Cutting Tutorials For Beginners

Learn how to cut stained glass from the very beginning. Follow the links below to learn about the shapes you can and can’t cut, and which ones are easier than others.

For beginners who have never cut glass before, there’s demonstrations on how to hold the cutter and make a good scoreline.

holding glass cutter Do you have trouble holding your cutter? Here are some practical ideas to help you get control of your cutter . Find out the best way for YOU and improve your cutting accuracy at the same time.
score lines showing how hard to press when cutting glass I can almost guarantee you’re pressing too hard when you cut stained glass. I’ve seen it so many times with students; white knuckles and tensed grip. Here’s a few ideas – and a Pressure Test – to help you work out how hard you NEED to press. I promise you’ll be amazed!
squaring stained glass Do your panels constantly get bigger and bigger and BIGGER? There are a few reasons this could be. This page tackles the problems and shows you how to square stained glass and get it to fit!
cuttable shapes in glass What shapes can be cut in glass? Find out in these especially made slideshows. Learn how best to divide shapes up to make them ‘cuttable’.
how to cut stained glass 3 ways to cut glass shapes accurately
How would it feel to have different cutting options at your fingertips? Build your skills and confidence to tackle any type of glass and shape here
Tips for Working with Textured Stained Glass including how to identify the grain

Help With Cutting Glass

If you’re struggling with accurate cutting there are many easy-to-learn techniques that will help you get better.

If you don’t have a local class my Conquering Curves course has taught lots of people the skills to cut shapes accurately. And we all know how important neatly fitting shapes are!
The course is self-paced and online so you can learn these cutting techniques even if you are unable to get to a class. You can find out more about it here Conquering Curves.

Free Cutting Stained Glass Instructions

When you’re feeling confident, there’s a step by step lesson on cutting a glass circle. And that’s without using an expensive circle cutter!

Once you’ve got the hang of that, there’s detailed instructions on how to ‘break’, or ‘run’ the scoreline. Not just one method, but FIVE ways! This is to give you the choice that you’ll need once you start making more complicated stained glass.

There’s a page with photos showing you how to place the templates in such a way to save your precious glass.

glass cutting tutorial A comprehensive tutorial covering making a scoreline and five ways to run or break the score. With advice on when to use each method and a troubleshooting section.
cutting glass economically Be economical with artglass with these money-saving tips. Includes a video showing different cutting techniques.
cutting stained glass to a template Improve your cutting technique by using this simple method… it may not be something you’ve seen before but it’s a technique that may help your cutting.
What do you do if your glass doesn’t come apart easily after you’ve made the score line? You can use the ball end of your cutter to help. See how to cut glass using the tapping method here . There are 3 short videos covering 3 levels of difficulty.
cutting a galss circle Always wanted to cut a perfect circle? Here’s a video tutorial that shows you how, using only a cutter and grozer-breaker pliers.
No expensive glass circle cutter needed!

This video will show you how to cut thin strips or narrow pointy pieces without breaking the glass

cutting glass with scissors 100% proof that you CAN cut glass with scissors!
It’s wild but it’s true. Find out how and the science behind it in this 2.5 minute video.And… it’s just a bit of fun, use a glass cutter for cutting stained glass!

Stained Glass Cutting Tools

As ever, the tools you use are very important. To help you choose the type of cutterthat’s right for you there’s an overview of the main types available, with buying advice if you need it.

toyo glass cutter Choose the cutter that suits you and fits your needs here. Includes a helpful video showing all the different types available.
blue glass circle cut with circle cutter No more wasting expensive art glass! Learn how to use a glass circle cutter easily with this video and illustrated tutorial.

Never be afraid of cutting glass circles again.

glass saw for cutting glass Are glass saws worth the money? They certainly help out with specific cutting problems. I’ve outlined 5 Things Glass Saws Do Well so that you can make up your own mind.

Tips For Grinding Small Stained Glass Pieces Accurately

Free How To Cut Stained Glass Curves eBook

Cutting inside curves isn’t as hard as you might think! Just follow the steps in this free-e book ‘Cutting Perfect Curves‘. You’ll also receive ‘Dazzle’, a newsletter for inspiring and sharing skills and tips.

See all of Milly’s video tutorials here

Some more cutting tips

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8 thoughts on “Cutting Stained Glass”

  1. Hi Millie,
    No matter what I do, or how light or hard my pressure is when scoring my glass I always break it off of the score line. I’m so frustrated! I don’t know where I’m going wrong! I have all the right tools…Please help me!!!!

      • Everyone starts in that position Ally. You’ll be surprised but lots of people find cutting straight lines in glass harder than curves. They’re so unforgiving.

    • If your glass is breaking off the score line it indicates that the score is not a continuous line or done with even pressure. I would suggest going back to basics and getting a piece of window glass to practise on. Don’t think about the shape, just practise getting your pressure even for the whole length of the score.
      Have a look at my ‘Key to a Perfect Scoreline‘ video and try it out for starters. Good luck and please don’t despair.

  2. Millie,I’ll bet that you are a fun teacher and creative task master. What a joy to study with you.

    Here is a hint that I’ll gladly share….Pre-heat your glass prior to foiling. How? Go to a thrift store and buy a table warmer.Put your glass pieces on it. The glue on the foil sticks exponentially
    better. Granted, larger pieces are a bit warm and you might have to juggle them a bit, but it soon
    cools so that you can comfortably foil the piece.


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