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Milly’s Free Stained Glass Videos

Often we need to see a stained glass technique before we understand how we can improve. Here is a selection of my free stained glass videos so that you can start correcting those niggling mistakes and start making stained glass you’re proud of.

Cutting Videos

cutting green stained glass
How To Deal With Imperfections in the Glass

You know when you’re halfway through making a score and you suddenly hit a little snag in the glass that stops your cutter wheel in its’ tracks? What do you do? Click here to rescue a score with confidence

cutting trick for stained glass
A Cutting Trick To Help Your Accuracy

What happens if you’ve tried and tried but STILL can’t cut stained glass as neatly as you’d like? You’ve tried the obvious but nothing works.  This video shows a technique that you may not have thought of. Have a look at it and see if it helps you cut your glass shapes more accurately. Feel free to comment at the bottom of the page if you have any other ideas 🙂

2 score lines on glass
Using the Correct Amount of Pressure When Cutting Glass

The key to a perfect cutting score is not a mystery. The trick is to press only as hard as you need. Here’s a nifty test to help you to use the correct pressure when making a score. Click here to use the right cutting pressure

5 Ways to Run the Score

There isn’t one method to fit all situations… you need them all at your fingertips to cut shapes easily and accurately. Click here to learn the 5 ways

hands holding pistol grip cutter
Holding Your Glass Cutter

Are you holding your cutter in the way that suits you best? Take control of your cutter and build confidence with your cutting with this 2 minute video

blue swirly stained glass
Using the Tapping Method For Glass Cutting

You’ve made the score and you just can’t separate the glass. What do you do? You can’t go over it again and you don’t want to waste the glass. Help! Click here to learn how to use the tapping technique to separate glass. 3 videos covering easy, intermediate and difficult tapping techniques.

cutting blue glass circle with scissors
Cutting Glass With Scissors – Just For Fun

It can’t be possible. Can it? Join in the fun with me as I give you PROOF that you can cut stained glass with a pair of regular scissors. Not true? Then click here to believe your eyes

yellow glass circle cut without circle cutter
How to Cut An Accurate Circle in Glass

Circles are gentle shapes that add a lovely organic feel to a stained glass panel. With Milly’s help you can learn to cut a perfect circle with just a cutter and a pair of grozing pliers. You don’t even need a grinder.

More Cutting Videos

How to include TINY details in your stained glass designs without cutting hundreds of fiddly pieces

If cutting LARGE sheets of art glass scares you, here’s a video on cutting large sheets to change all that.

Stained Glass Cutting Thin Strips – learn how to cut pointed and thin pieces without breakage

Making the Most of the Grain of the Glass – cut glass to enhance the feel of your panel. Also includes tips for not wasting glass.

Stained Glass Cutting Techniques – Straight Lines

Stained Glass Videos On Soldering

Soldering stained glass is one of the processes that EVERYONE wants to improve. Well most people, anyway! Have a look a the selection of stained glass videos below and see if any will help you achieve a smoother solder bead.

Using The Iron Tip To Control Heat

Most people don’t use all the different edges of the soldering iron tip. Your stained glass soldering will improve if you start learning this trick. I guarantee it! Click here to see how to control the iron’s heat

Soldering Beaded Edges

Click to learn how to solder a lovely rounded edge on your sun catchers and finish them off a treat 🙂

How to Tin Your Own Wire

Save $$ by tinning your own wire for adding details to your stained glass. Click here to see the tinning wire video

soldering gaps in stained glass
Filling Gaps Before Soldering

If you find you have gaps despite all your efforts at cutting accurately, this video shows how to fill the gaps before soldering. Obviously it’s best to avoid unsightly gaps and recut the glass but sometimes this just isn’t an option.

soldering lead came
Stained Glass Video on  Soldering Lead Came

If you’re struggling with getting neat soldered joints on your leaded panels there are techniques to help you. Have a look at this video, it shares tricks to get the solder to stay neatly where you want it to be. Once you get the hang of it you can say goodbye to solder blobs that blob everywhere!

Stained Glass Tool Ideas

making jump rings with recycled wire
5 Tips For Cheap Tools

Stained glass doesn’t have to mean mega-bucks. There are lots of tips that can help reduce the amount you spend on tools and materials. Click here to see 5 cost saving tricks for stained glass

blue circle of glass after circle cutter
The Best Circle Cutter and How To Use It

If you’re thinking about purchasing a circle cutter but are anxious about buying yet another tool that gathers dust, this video will get you cutting circles in 5 minutes. No more misshapen suns for you!

essential stained glass tools
Essential Stained Glass Tools Video

I’m very interested to see if you agree with me about what you really need to make stained glass using the copper foil technique. This video lists each of the essential stained glass tools with explanations. Feel free to comment below if there’s anything I’ve missed!

Decorative Stained Glass Videos

vintage plate in stained glass
Vintage Plate Ideas

Everyone has a vintage plate from their family. The great news is that you can incorporate it into an ingenious stained glass panel. At the same time you’ll be creating a family heirloom.  Click here to see what you can create with a vintage plate. I guarantee you’ll be amazed.

Signing Your Work

If you want to sign your stained glass or make other marks – a grandchild’s drawing for example – click here.

Lead Came Videos

cutting lead came
How to Cut Neat Angles in Lead Came

Lead came is a strange material. It squashes and doesn’t cut at the correct angle. There are many ways to conquer lead came. Don’t let it beat you! Click here to see how to cut accurate angles in lead came

Other Video Tutorials

Copper Foiling

Foiling Thick Glass

If your copper foil is too narrow and you don’t have any wider foil this copper foiling trick here will help you.

Foiling Tricky Shapes

Copper foiling tricky shapes and inside curves and corners

Fixing copper foil errors

Fixing common copper foil mistakes like foil not centered or jagged edges

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12 thoughts on “Stained Glass Video Tutorials”

  1. Hi Milly,
    I’m looking for a good video with some dimension on a Moravian Star. I have been cutting glass for about 20 years and would like to give it a try. I have stars with the triangles all equal but unequal just looks better. I have about 30 old rose colored windows from my church . Any help would be great appreciated.

    • I’m afraid I don’t have any videos on Moravian Stars Bill. I’m sure if you searched YouTube you’d find some. Sorry I can’t help you this time.

  2. Hello! Been doing the stained glass for a few years now and selling some also. I don’t charge as much as others because I want everyone to have some of my artwork. I have done some panels at 1ft x 2ft…..and smaller items. Have also been doing repair work on older heirloom family pieces. I just LOVE the expression on the faces when I hand someone a piece that had been damaged years ago and seeing the tears in their eyes when I bring it back to life! (Yes, it is a lot of work, but oh so satisfying!)
    Love your tips and tricks on the stained glass and I will tell you they HELP immensely!
    Will have to watch all your videos, and since I have not gotten into the “came” part of stained glass yet, I will really follow those tips!
    Thanks You!

    • Aw thank you Ed, that’s such a nice message to read on return from my holiday. How lovely that you want others to be able to afford your work. Good luck with all your future projects – and keep feeling that sense of joy and achievement; it’s why we do stained glass 🙂

  3. I would love a tutorial on how to solder several round balls together and make it sturdy so it doesnt fall apart when you lift it off the workbench

    • Thanks for the video suggestion Janna. You need enough solder in between to create a strong web of solder, providing the strength.

  4. Dear Milly,
    I am new and wondering how to best make a circle pattern stay on the board. Do I cut from the middle and work out or do I cut the outside pieces and work to the inside to keep the circle? I’m at a loss and can’t find the answer anywhere!
    Thanks for all you do,
    KC Cloud

    • You can do either KC. Just make sure you have either a half-circle jig and/or lots of securely place horseshoe nails to keep the outside of the circle true.

  5. When I try to sign in, I’m told my email address is not registered yet I do receive your wonderful newsletter. I’m looking for any information on how to clean a piece that has been out in the weather. Do you have a video for that?

    • Logging or signing in is for students on my online classes Linda. If you’re getting my newsletters you signed up for those.

      I don’t have a video for cleaning an outside piece but it would be the same; soap and water with baking powder if needed, followed by re-patina if necessary and wax as usual. I hope that helps.

  6. Thanks so much Millie! I found some yet new topics here. Having everything all in one place is great. Thanks again. I will have a learning quarantine day today and watch them all! And one more Thanks again!


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