Making Stained Glass – Leaded Panels

Stained Glass Lead Came Tutorials

These making stained glass instructions focus on the wonderful technique of leaded stained glass. If you want to make a larger panel with strong lines and surface texture, then these Lead Came Tutorials are for you.

This making technique can be combined with the copper foil technique. It is especially good for geometric panels and external panels that need to be waterproof.


Making Stained Glass – Lead Came Tutorials

diagram measuring lead came 1. Measuring for a Window Learn how to measure the opening for your window or door panel accurately. Skip this step if you’re making a free-hanging panel.

1a. Tools for Lead came

cactus stained glass pattern 2. Designing or Finding a Pattern See how easy it is to create a design from your favourite photo. Or you can choose a pattern choose a pattern here to get you started quickly.

2a. Choosing Colours with Lead Lining  Lead Lining is a little-known technique that will help you make the right colour choices first time

templates cut for lead came 3. Cutting Templates Make accurate cutting pieces from your pattern with this simple making
stained glass tutorial. Information on leading shears and why you need a gap between each shape.
cut glass and template piece 4. Glass Cutting These instructions take you through each of the cutting stages in detail. Includes cutting deep curves and using grozing pliers.

With helpful video.

cutting stain glass over table 4a. How To Cut Glass in 5 easy ways. Cut any shape you like after learning these foundation skills.
Packed with labelled photos and including a troubleshooting section.
making stained glass with lead came 5. Leading a Came Panel Make leading up easy with this detailed tutorial.
Includes stretching the came and expert troubleshooting tips.5a. Cutting Lead Came Angles5b. Assembling – Leaded Diamonds, Ovals and other questions
soldering lead came joint 6. Soldering Lead Came Solder your panel together neatly by following this simple stained glass making tutorial. With problem-solving answers and video.

6a. More detail on soldering Lead


black cement on green glass 7.Cementing or Puttying Learn how to make your stained glass panel strong and waterproof by using black cement. Information on cheap brushes and easy ways to clean.
green stained glass on light box 8. Polishing Tutorial Showing the best way to polish your lead came until it sparkles to perfection!

9. Framing with Lead -Framing round projects

10. Storage and other tips

11.Fixing a broken stained glass window tips to fix a small crack in a leaded panel


green forest glass applique Applique Tutorial Making stained glass applique panels using leftover cullet. Learn which glues work best, how to grout neatly and clean up easily.

Health and Safety

Everything about making stained glass is dangerous. While I can suggest basic safety considerations (wearing safety glasses, latex gloves and working in a well ventilated space) I can’t be there to insist!

I strongly recommend reading the individual manufacturer’s instructions and taking their advice.

See all of Milly’s video tutorials here

See Milly at work in a video showing her making a panel  for an artistic project. And it is very ‘arty’!

I had to have most of the cutting and leading done before the filming, so don’t follow this for logical method! It will give you a good idea of how the lead came process works, though. See what you think.

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16 thoughts on “Making Stained Glass – Leaded Panels”

  1. Hey Miilly. I just want to Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with folks that love and want to learn at all levels. Whether it be young,old,rich poor ,color, religion, beginner, or the seasoned pro. We all have so much to learn from each other. I’m sorry people want to be so hateful. I just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated . I’m a beginner in this but I check out every email you send to see what little crumb of knowledge I might have missed. I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the magical blessings that come with it.

  2. Hi
    I am from Bangladesh
    Can you tell me please where and how can I get leaded panels. Please let me inform and it’s price.
    H Kabir

    • I’m sorry Mr Kabir, I don’t sell leaded panels. I teach stained glass online. If you search for Stained Glass Studios near where you live, you may find somewhere. Good luck.

  3. Hi Molly
    I am having problems the solder bubbling, and leaving little leads all over.
    Does the temperature of the room have anything to do with this problem. The flux is new,
    The solder is new. This not my first project.

    • It sounds like too hot an iron and too much flux Sharon. Try eliminating one at a time; start by turning iron down, then if it’s still doing it, using less flux. Good luck.

  4. Hi,
    Looking for a tutorial on reinforcing transom long (5′ & 6′) thin (15″) windows in lead. Plan on using rebar. Do you have a tutorial on this? Thanks much,

  5. Can anyone help me find instructions or tutorials for constructing a stain glass totem/tower. I have questions like can you combine zinc and lead came. Can you not use zinc, and add other reinforcement. I have made one already with lead came, and reinforced by sliding brass rods down outside grove of H came, and then turning in and soldering up the edges. Its OK, but even after cementing up there is still a bit of flex in the tower. So to get the strength I’m curious about using zinc, but that brings in lots of questions to do with saws, soldering technique etc…

    • No I haven’t Cathy. I tried to get one way back as people I trusted were recommending them but I couldn’t get one in the UK. I’ve heard good things about them though. Sorry I can’t help with this.

  6. Hi Milly,

    I have subscribed and received lots of clues, hints & tips from what I’ve seen and read already, I think its absolutely wonderful that you share your knowledge in a way thats so encouraging and informative. In truth I suspect I’m too much of a square to engage soon with cutting curves, but my fears of wasting glass through not understanding the materials & techniques is already dissipating, thats just grand, even if its in theory as yet rather than practice. I’m a big Frank Llyod Wright fan and am harbouring the concept of a door side panel for my new house (to be).

    Other than sheer enthusiasm Milly, I’m not sure what keeps you going but please, whatever it is, keep it up
    So glad to have subscribed to your site Milly!!

    Brian Roff

    • Welcome Brian and thanks for your kind words. I love geometric pieces, you can create so many stunning designs with just straight lines.

  7. I have liked the look of adding hobby came to my foiled sun catchers. I notice sometimes, even with soldering the border came can still be a little “looser” than I want. Can I putty over my foiled piece (soldered already, of course) to get it under the lead around the edges and firm up the lead edging?

    • Stained glass hobby came certainly adds a professional and neat touch around the edges of sun catchers, I agree. I would suggest a strategic dab of glue on the edge rather than puttying. The putty is for robust stained glass panels that need to be weatherproof.
      I hope that helps.


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