Free ‘Cutting Perfect Curves’ eBook

‘Cutting Perfect Curves’ is a simple to follow free eBook that shows you how easy it is to cut even the most difficult type of curves in stained glass.

Cutting can be a bit daunting if you don’t know where to start. This tutorial takes you through each step in turn with labeled photos to help.

Before you know it, you’ll have cut a perfect inside curve and have the skills to create any shape in glass.

‘Cutting Perfect Curves’ includes:

    • 5 simple steps for cutting a curve in a logical sequence that won’t overwhelm you
    • how to choose your tools with a handy checklist and spend money only on those you actually need
    • the secrets of making a smooth score line and avoiding unnecessary breakage. We don’t want those!
    • how to work with glass confidently and without making a scary mess
    • tricks for cutting glass in the right order to avoid wasting time and precious glass
    • how to use the secret tool that will become your multi-tasking best friend

And, best of all

  • how to avoid mistakes by learning from all the costly ones I’ve made over the years!
milly frances stain glass
Curves in window by Milly Frances

And there’s more…

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  • Honest reviews and updates about new products that may (or may not!) help you make more beautiful stained glass
  • Information on innovative new techniques with ideas for how you can use them in your own glass projects
  • An occasional ‘Fresh Focus’ surprise that may not be strictly about glass, but will always be fun and interesting

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