Stained Glass Box in 6 Seconds

I love these chest stained glass boxes. They are slightly more difficult to make but not too hard… you just have to make sure you get the spacing and the angle right on the lid.

The most important thing is to be absolutely 100% accurate with your cutting. Using a strip cutter is definitely the way to go.

It was made from a pattern book ‘Stained Glass Boxes’ by Randy Wardell. It’s a brilliant video but you will have to have a bit of experience to make this box I think.

Public Health Warning: If your cutting isn’t 100% spot on, your box will be wonky!

4 thoughts on “Stained Glass Box in 6 Seconds”

  1. I am going to try some different things after the holidays, and this box was one of them. I bought Randy Wardell’s book but did not include a video. It possible could be on You Tube. What ever way, I find it a challenge and feel up to it. I love GLASS!

  2. Ingenius. I love this box. However, it will be a challenge to make. But that’s what your all about,right??? Good luck with your project. Always enjoy reading about what your doing.
    Thanks Milly
    Regards Em


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