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Stained Glass Made Perfect online course
Copper Foil Construction

How to Make A Stained Glass Display Stand

Make Your Own DIY Stained Glass Display Stand This ingenious idea was shared by Janusz Niedzielski who designed and made this lovely stained glass rose stand. He has very generously written a detailed plan AND instructions for making this stained glass display stand. He has also shared his work-in-progress photos…
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Stained Glass Tutorials

Cutting Accurate Stained Glass Pattern Pieces

Making Stained Glass Templates That Fit Accurate stained glass templates are crucial for creating beautiful panels. Once you've designed or found a stained glass pattern that you're happy with, the next thing you need to do is make copies of it and cut the individual shapes out accurately. These will…
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Stained Glass Images

Branching Out

Design idea for stained glass Idea for designing your own stained glass Do you ever get that feeling that you're looking at the world through 'stained glass spectacles'? When everything has the potential to be made into stained glass? Winter is a good time for this, with the trees showing…
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