Blue and Yellow Cold Paint

Painting on Float Glass

Painting on sandblasted  Glass If I do glass painting on frosted or sandblasted glass, will there still be a tin residue that I need to avoid? Thanks! Laurinda Milly’s reply: Thanks for your question Laurinda. … (read more)

green abstract glass painting

What do you mix paint with?

Painting with Enamel We’re making a stained glass window of the world and need to paint the land onto the water with enamel. I have some powdered enamel, but I don’t know what kind of … (read more)

Green Man Glass Picture

Painting Questions

What type of Paint should I use? I plan to do a landscape of painted stained glass and want to paint trees and limbs on it. What kind of paint should I use and does … (read more)

Zebra Glass Painting Designs

Quick Firing For Paint

Firing Paint Quickly in a Kiln Zebra Glass Painting Designs I know that I have fired painted glass ramping up from room temp to 1250F/676C degrees in 35 min. I would then turn off the kiln … (read more)

Shaded patterns on yellow glass

Stained Glass Paint Queries

Stained Glass Painting Answers Kiln Firing Program For Stained Glass Green Man Painting I just bought a new glass kiln. All of the pre-programmed firing schedules are for fused or slumped glass and seem very slow. … (read more)

Mark Angus demonstration

Firing Stained Glass Question

Can You Fire Regular Stained Glass? Mark Angus demonstration I originally started doing stained glass before kiln work becme popular so of course I have lots of scrap glass. I purchased a kiln hoping to use … (read more)

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