Abstract Glass Applique – Big Bang

Big Bang

Impressive Applique Panel Called Big Bang

We divested our s.g. stock in Ontario, but had the usual superabundance of residual scrap, some of which was exceptionally sightly, so made a design-as-you-go applique panel for our bath window in Missouri. “Let the glass do the talking” is often the best expedient! By Larry Stout

Milly’s reply:

Wow! This would revitalize you in the morning!

I can imagine lying there making up lots of different stories with all the shapes and colors… there’s some beautiful glass in there.

What happens when you want to have a really peaceful bath, though?! 🙂

For those who don’t know what appliqué is, Larry has kindly written a really good tutorial about it on this site here.

It’s a very exciting technique, and one which allows you to break away from the linear look of stained glass.

Comments for Applique Big Bang

Color balance – Larry Stout

Thank you, Julia. I do think that the eye perceives each basic color semi-independently, and color balance can be pleasingly “comfortable”, but a nice aesthetic also can be achieved with artfully contrived imbalance. I am also of the opinion that yellow is the universal complement; I in fact hold the “color wheel” in disdain. With regard to elegance, however, I must refrain from comment and defer to you! :>)

WOW! – Julia RIchardson

Completely abstract and random and yet perfectly colour balanced and what great colours too! I love it!


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