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  1. Wow! I’ve been doing stained glass for quite a number of years but this class took me to a whole new level. I originally learned to cut inside curves by scalloping out pieces, sometimes it was successful and sometimes not. With Millie’s method of scoring and cutting out curves I’m successful probably 98% of the time. This is so exciting to me because I thought I’d never get to that point except by using a saw. And I never dreamed I could cut a right angle by hand but I did it! I feel so empowered by my new skills. Thanks Millie!

    • 98% success rate… my smile is wider than your deepest inside curve 🙂 And you cut the right angle, that’s amazing, well done Marilyn.
      I’m so happy that Conquering Curves has helped you – and best of all, that you feel empowered. That’s made my week.

  2. Merci beaucoup pour le cours sur Conquering Curves
    J’ai appris la manière de couper facilement des courbes, des cercles
    les séances de formations sont très bien réalisées malgré qu’elles soient en anglais , je suis française.
    je recommande vivement les cours de Milly surtout pour les débutants
    Merci encore et bon vitrail

    • Google Translate: Thank you very much for the course on Conquering Curves
      I learned how to easily cut curves, circles
      the training sessions are very well carried out despite being in English, I am French.
      I highly recommend Milly’s classes especially for beginners
      Thanks again and good stained glass

      I’m so glad the class helped you cut accurate curves and circles in glass Brigitte. And that the language difference was solved by my detailed video tuition.
      Just so’s you know; my Stained Glass Made Perfect and Plating Magic courses include a French and Spanish translation.
      I appreciate you taking the time to write a review, thank you 🙂

      Google Translate: Je suis tellement heureuse que le cours vous ait aidé à découper des courbes et des cercles précis dans le verre Brigitte. Et que la différence de langue a été résolue par mes cours vidéo détaillés.
      C’est juste pour ça que tu le sais ; mes cours Stained Glass Made Perfect et Plating Magic incluent une traduction en français et en espagnol.
      J’apprécie que vous ayez pris le temps d’écrire une critique, merci 🙂

  3. Hi Milly,

    I’ve watched all the videos and downloaded the pdfs. I have tried cutting concave curves after viewing them, and am quite happy with my results! I was having a bit of trouble cutting them before I did your course using a different method and was having very mixed results. I have learned so much already, and am really glad I have taken both this course and the soldering iron one.
    I look forward to taking some more in the the future.

    Best wishes,

    Theresa Bradley.

    • I’m so pleased you’ve learned helpful techniques and are improving your results Theresa, that’s very nice for ‘teacher’ me to hear 🙂
      Thanks too for taking the time to help others decide if this course might help them cut accurate curves too, I appreciate it.

  4. I started a new “practice” project for my wife that is two stylized cats in a large circle to be placed in a stand. It’s full of curves, plenty deep inside ones, and some with both sides curving in on each other, and others thinly crescent shaped. I used just about everything you taught me such as holding my cutter with both hands in your recommended grip. I would make trial placements of the glass on my bench and rehearse walking steps around the cut to make sure I could comfortably follow the curved score all the way to the end under perfect control. Turning my whole body along with my hands felt so much more natural and accurate for following the pattern edge. I also glued my patterns on the glass so as to keep plenty of area behind my deepest inside curves and make that my very first score/break. Scoring the final break on the inside curve first before the progressive cuts to get there worked every time. I didn’t ruin a single piece! Even on opaque white streaky glass, which is the hardest of all to cut. By using your cutter holding grip and whole body movement I could place the score right on the pattern edge and now I’m not doing anywhere near as much grinding as I used to. Best of all, my confidence has grown immensely as I lead up to the large window panels I ultimately wish to build. Taking your course was the best money I’ve spent yet on bringing back an old hobby to enjoy in my retirement and beautify our new home. Thanks a million for some very effective training in this craft.

    • Aw Jim, I’m so happy you didn’t ruin a single piece after taking the course. What a nice thing for teacher-me to read.
      I’m glad that you’ve found it money well spent and that your curve cutting has improved.
      Good luck with all your future projects and thanks again for the review.

  5. This class is just what I needed and well worth the money. I’ve been doing stained glass now for a couple of years and curves have always given me problems. I learned so much from this class and enjoy her teaching style. I just cut three projects that involve many pieces with curves and now feel much more confident and will spend much less time at the grinder. I still can’t conquer the inside right angle but will keep trying. It’s great that I can go back and review the course as needed. I will definitely plan on taking other classes in the future. Thank you Milly!

    • How lovely to read that you now have more confidence with curve cutting Sandy. Spending less time at the grinder is definitely a good thing 🙂
      The inside right angle was really a bit of a ‘party piece’ so don’t worry too much about that. It doesn’t make for a very strong shape so probably best avoided in actual panels unless it has a lot of glass protecting it from the corner side.
      Thanks for taking time to review the course.

  6. Milly, I just finished both the stained glass made perfect class, along with the cutting curves instruction. These are the best in-structural videos I’ve ever witnessed. Her explanations and the close-ups are exceptional. If you are considering getting into Stained glass this course is an absolute must. The cost of the course is inconsequential to the cost you will incur By stumbling through stained glass artistry without any instruction.

    I am currently assembling my studio and all that it encompasses. It is a bit overwhelming, but my new found passion for this artistry has been a God send.
    Thank you Millie for sharing your exceptional knowledge and skills with me. I plan to be a disciple of yours for years to come. Much love,
    Michael Follett

    • Michael Michael Michael… I have to say I’m bowled over by your lovely review of my classes. And I didn’t even have to pay you 🙂 Thank you SO much.
      I’m full of pleasure that I have helped you on your way to learning this beautiful craft and that you feel able to step forwards and start making your own discoveries now. This feeling is every teachers’ highlight and is exactly why I do what I do, thank you 🙂

      Note: Michael took my Stained Glass Made Perfect and Conquering Curves classes. Together they cover all the basics for starting out with stained glass.

  7. I think the course is definitely good for beginners. I thought you did very well teaching the class. I have already been doing stained glass for a number of years. I thought that it would give me more I thought I needed. I really didn’t get very much from it, But that been said you did mention who the classes were good for. I would like to take the lead class but I can’t afford another $149.

    • Thanks for your honest review Laura. I’m glad you liked my teaching style 🙂 As you say, my Stained Glass Made Perfect and Conquering Curves courses are both great for beginners or refreshers.
      I’m delighted you want to branch out into Lead Came. To help with this, I’ve swapped your classes and given you my Leaded Glass Artistry class instead.
      I hope you enjoy learning the lead came technique. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

  8. Finally I feel confident with curves and I understand how to reduce the chance of breaks and mistakes. Straight after finishing the course I was able to make beautiful circles and crescents. Thank you, Milly 🙂

    • Oh brilliant, it sounds as if the course has helped your curve cutting along Karen. Music to my teacher’s ears, thanks 🙂

  9. I am a beginner and had taken an intro class with a local stained glass artist. I realized quickly that I needed reinforcement of what I had learned plus more detailed information.
    Milly’s course has been PERFECT. Unlike an in-person course, I can (and DO) go back and review Milly’s videos and then practice at home right away.

  10. My daughter and I took both courses and we were wowed we learned lots of new techniques and I learned much more about why I keep breaking glass cutting curves. These courses definitely are worth every penny and it gives me the confidence I needed that I could do this.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write a review Margaret – and such a nice one, too 🙂 I’m happy that you found my two classes helpful and good value. Music to my teacher’s ears!

  11. This class will be a great help to anyone having issues cutting glass around curved patterns. Not only that, when you sign up for Milly’s classes there are lots of tips, newsletters and a private FB page that will help you to learn so much more about the craft of stained glass. Sign up, you won’t be disappointed!

  12. I have been doing stained glass intermittently for over 10 years and knew I needed a good review to unlearn all of my bad habits and learn to do better. I could not be more impressed with Milly’s course. The hands on tutorial videos are excellent. And like some of the other reviewers I have been awed by Milly’s succinct and specific approach to teaching. I already learned 2 new techniques to cut out convex curves and right angles – who knew???? Thanks Milly, great course and well worth the investment.

    • Oh that’s so lovely for me to hear Lawrence, thanks so much for taking the time to write your review. It helps others who are wondering whether to give it a try, too 🙂

  13. Well worth the $49.00. Learned several new ways to work with glass. Milly’s suggestions are very helpful even if you have done stained glass cutting before. Milly’s way of teaching is clear and very easy to follow. Thanks Milly!

  14. I’ve finished the course. I bought it mainly for a review as I have been unable to do glass for a long time due to health issues. She is an excellent teacher. She touched on my problem areas and SHOWED, hands on, how to improve my skill. She is easy to understand. Her worksheets provide practical application of what she demonstrates in the videos. I am very pleased with this course. I feel it has improved my skill immensely. Thank you Milly!

    • Oh that’s a lovely review to read Wanda. I’m so pleased that the class helped improve your skills, thank YOU for taking the time to comment 🙂

  15. This is a very worthwhile clip if you are at all interested in bettering your stained glass skills. Milly is an excellent teacher and her lessons are very clear and easy to understand. And she provides a way to improve your skills through a sequence of practical, hands on exercises. GO FOR IT!!

    • Oh thank you Simon for such a glowing review, I appreciate it. But more than that I’m happy that my classes have helped you improve. My ‘teacher’ heart is singing 🙂


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