Cutting Stained Glass By Tapping Video

Cutting stained glass by tapping is a good way to open up those stubborn score lines that don’t come apart easily.

If you add this skill to your cutting repertoire you will reduce glass wastage. Always a good thing!

Here’s a short video – less than 2 minutes –  to get you started. In it I show you how to open up a very simple cut – a shallow inside curve.

Tapping Open A Cut in Stained Glass – Easy

3 Best Times To Tap When Cutting Stained Glass

Do you ever wonder what that ball on the end of your glass cutter is for?

The ball is used to gently open up a score line from underneath so that you can prise the glass apart. It’s a very helpful technique for certain situations.

Tapping is good for:

  1. Cutting inside curves
  2. Any score lines that don’t separate with thumbs or pliers
  3. Cuts that are narrower at one end

If you’d like to learn more about this technique and lots of others to help your cutting accuracy improve I can help you.

My Conquering Curves course has taught lots of people all the skills needed to cut shapes accurately. Once you can cut neatly ALL the processes that follow it are easier and more satisfying 🙂
The class taken at your own pace. It’s online so you can improve your cutting even if you can’t get to a local class. You can see if it’s right for you here Conquering Curves.

Opening A Score By Tapping – Intermediate

You can see from these videos that the tapping method is extremely useful in certain circumstances.

But what about the times that cutting glass by tapping is not the best choice of technique?

The tapping method is not good for:

  1. Routine cutting and breaking.
    It is far better to use your thumbs or either cut running or grozer/breaker pliers than to resort to tapping all the time.
    This is because tapping will create an uneven edge that will then need grozing or grinding.
  2. Very narrow strips.
    It is difficult to use the tapping method when the score is very close to the edge of the glass as you can easily break the strip by a misplaced tap.
    You would be better off using the breaking pliers to snap and pull a strip apart.

Tapping a Score Open – Difficult

If you’d like to see more tutorials on Cutting Glass I have a list here

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Cutting Stained Glass Circles


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16 thoughts on “Cutting Stained Glass By Tapping Video”

  1. Another incredibly helpful video. In the first and only class I took, the instructor demonstrated the tapping technique but she tapped along the score line on both the back and the front of the glass. I only tried that once and unfortunately tapped on a tiny bubble on the front of the glass and created a little chip (I call it a “ding”). It was bothersome enough that I ended up cutting another piece. I noticed you only tapped on the back and had fantastic results. Is there ever a reason to also top on the front of the glass?

    • No. The score has already been made on the top of the glass so doesn’t need to be tapped. I’m glad you found the video helpful 🙂

  2. Milly,
    Thank you for being such a beautiful example of helping others.
    Appreciate you and always look forward to your tips. You’re amazing

  3. I think you are an amazing, giving person to share all the helpful information to your followers. I have learned so much from you and am thankful to be one of your loyal followers. Thank you for your time. You make everything look easy and inspire me to test my limits in what I choose to attempt.

  4. Hi Milly. I cant open your 3 videos re using the end of the cutter to open scores.
    I’m really interested in learning this method
    Hope you can help.
    Thanks elaine

    • Elaine, you have to clear your cache. Thanks for letting me know, some people were having problems but clearing the cache fixed it.

  5. Hie Ms. Milly,
    Thanks a lot for your guidance.It makes cutting glass less troublesome.Keep sending your knowledge please.Cheers.

  6. Hi Milly!

    I am very very happy to learn all those tricks from you!. By the way I could get only two videos out of three….wonder……


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