Glass Blowing Film

If you have a spare 10 minutes you will love this short film.

It’s set to a jazz sound track and documents a series of blokes working in a glass factory in the Netherlands in 1959.

These guys are something else… they’re so skilful and clever with their glass blowing skills.

I know it’s not healthy but they’re smoking cigarettes while working – one of them even lights his cigarette from the hot glass vessel!! And one blows smoke into the blowing pipe. I had to laugh!

4 thoughts on “Glass Blowing Film”

  1. Loved the four handed pontil twirling, the Gillespie pouches, and the ability to smoke a pipe and blow glass at the same time.
    If you ever cross the channel to Calais, check out the factory tour of the Cristal D’Arcs factory in Arcs, which is half an hour from the ferry port.

    • Hi Pete,
      It’s totally amazing skill isn’t it? The smoking is something else. And using a hot vessel to light a cigarette, hilarious.

      I’ll look up the factory and see if there’s any chance, thanks for the tip.

    • Hi Ginger, glad you enjoyed it. I’ll do a bit of snooping and see if I can find anything similar.
      It’s fabulous to see a bit of glass history before your very eyes.


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