Glass Circles Series

Circles One
Circles One

Circles Two
Circles Two

Circles Seven
Circles Seven

Circles are one of my trademark designs. I work beyond the plain often to try to create the illusion of traveling beyond the surface.

Circles One. I worked across three openings creating the illusion of something beyond the door.

Circles Two. The customer asked for a window for the bathroom window that was based around a bubble motif. By using small quality pieces of glass in the design the bubble shapes sing out when the sun catches them.

Circles Seven again works beyond the openings of the doors. The customer just had seen my circle designs and gave me a free hand in the design for their front door. by Anthony Chilver

Milly’s reply:

I love all these! It’s great when someone develops their own style and becomes known for it. You’re going to be going round for a while yet, Anthony! Well, we hope so, if it means we get to see more of these.

I like your idea of continuing the circles across the framework, it sort of expands the horizon somehow. And because the circles at the edge are incomplete, your mind goes off with them somewhere else. Lovely.

I found a quote about circles that sums up that feeling of openness somehow. Thought you might like it:

“The whole universe is based on rhythms. Everything happens in circles, in spirals.”
John Hartford


They’re not so easy to make, though, all those thin bits and obtuse angles! Fantastic, thanks for letting us see them.


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