Stained Glass Egret

Gorgeous Egret in Stained Glass



Egret glass-egret-at-reelaxinn-21730985.jpg.pagespeed.ce.eCnRIYAokc

This was my third stained glass piece. 200 hours….200 pieces too. Looks like I was consistent.

My husband and son installed the piece. Using 2 ladders and impeccable timing walking to the top in sync while holing the Egret! I could not watch. A friend held the ladders and took the picture. The piece is 30” x 40”. by Leslie Overby

Milly’s reply:

Laughed! I know exactly what you mean about the scary installation and not being able to look. It’s the worst bit about stained glass for me.

This is a lovely window. The egret looks very regal there. There’s a lot of movement in the water, and the bullrushes are perfect.

It looks enormous! I can’t get a sense of the scale. I can only hope it wasn’t as big as it looks for your husband and sons’ sake!

4 thoughts on “Stained Glass Egret”

  1. I’m planning to do the same thing on my window. Just wondering did you keep the old glass or replace it? How were you able to keep the stainedglass in place?Sorry I’m new to this. Thank you… your work is very beautiful!

    • Just to be clear, this is Leslie Overby’s work! I don’t want to take credit for that. It IS beautiful.
      I’m not sure what Leslie did but it’s best to keep the old glass, both for stability and for heat retention.
      I hope that helps.

    • It’s a reader’s panel from way back Debbie, so I can’t help you with this, sorry. You could search Egret sg patterns and see what comes up.


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