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Cutters Mate

Cutters Mate

I am looking into buying a Cutter’s Mate, glass saw or cutter of some sorts. I am wondering what kind of cutting system most have used on here and what is the best one to get. I like the looks of the Cutter’s Mate but want to check with someone who has used it or perhaps other saws. I have a problem cutting glass, the pressure even though it doesn’t have to be much is a little much on my wrists right now.

Milly’s reply: Thanks for your question Chelle. I know what you mean about pressure when cutting glass, it can begin to hurt after a while. Although I don’t own a Cutter’s Mate, I have had a go and thought it was really useful. It does help your wrists, as you don’t need so much pressure. It’s cheaper than a saw, and doesn’t need a water feeds as the cutter is oil-fed.

Anyone out there own a Cutter’s Mate or a saw? It would be great to have your comments. Good luck with the cutting.

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Worth every penny!
by: Anna

I recently purchased the Cutter’s Mate Plus system and it is worth every penny. Because very little pressure is used to score the glass, your hands and wrists are pain free. I only wish there were better videos to show you how to use the straight and circle cutter. This is a practical investment because you will be amazed at the amount of glass you do NOT waste during the cutting process because of this product. I have been making stained glass for 40 years and this system is a must.

Cutters Mate
by: Jeannie

I just purchased the Cutters Mate mini. in the process of relearning to score and break glass, I am into this process, a whole sheet of glass. When they say you don’t have to exert any down pressure, believe them. I have to constantly remind myself it is no longer necessary to press down. There was very little in the way of instructions in the box when I received it. There is an owners manual on the web if you google it. One of the hints is to turn your glass over, after scoring, and press down to run the glass. I have found this works well with a mouse pad placed on a firm surface. Practice,practice first before committing to good piece of glass.

Thanks for this Jeannie, very helpful.


Is Cutters Mate Any Good!
by: Liz

I purchased a Cutter’s Mate Mini. I have a small workspace and the unit is mobile.

The best thing I can say is this… BUY ONE! It will save you time, less waste of glass, less strain on your hands and wrist and over all, its easy to set up to use right away.

The are a little spendy, but believe me, the cost will outweigh the time and the glass breakage.

A good review about the tool can also be reviewed at
Look at the legend for “tool reviews” on the left hand side.

Hope this helps in your decision making.


cutters mate-bandsaws
by: ozzie berke-BOZ Stained Glass, CA USA

Re CuttersMate and Bandsaws. I have used the Gryphon Model C-40 Band Saw, Gryphon’s “Jig-saw” style and of course the famous “ring-saw. My favorite by and far is the Gryphon C-40. Consider costs of: replacement blades, grommets, wheels, tales, and other parts that WILL be needed. Try to get to a shop and they should let you demonstrate the saw and let you use it.

I taught classes for ten years. For a home hobbyist, I find the C-40 best and easiest to use, and cheaper to maintain.

I feel that as a hobbyist you should be able (with a good teacher) to cut a “horseshoe” out of a sq. ft of glass. I use the bandsaw only for the “impossible” cut or for cutting a piece of glass for which I dont have any more or can not match.

Saw to Recommend

Have you ever used one of the glass saws that you see online? Just wondering which would actually be a better buy, of course I know it depends on the person and other factors but really would like opinions about both.

Thanks, chelle

Just so happens that I’ve answered a question on this very thing today at: Which Stained Glass Saw Do You Recommend¬†– hopefully it will help you decide Chelle. FrancesStained Glass ToolsCutting Stained Glass,Glass Cutting Tools,Q+AMaking Cutting Glass Easier Cutters Mate I am looking into buying a Cutter's Mate, glass saw or cutter of some sorts. I am wondering what kind of cutting system most have used on here and what is the best one to get. I like the looks of the Cutter's Mate but...Create beautiful things. I'll show you how.
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