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  1. J’ai pris plusieurs cours internet par Milly Frances. Je n’ai pas eu le temps de les compléter mais je sais qu’ils sont toujours disponibles sur internet quand je désire continuer ma formation.
    Les conseils donnés sont super pratiques et m’aident à améliorer tout ce que je veux faire en vitrail.
    Je recommande les formations vitrail pas Milly Frances, ils sont très faciles à comprendre et à réaliser.

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    I have taken several internet courses from Milly Frances. I haven’t had time to complete them but I know they are always available on the internet when I want to continue my training.
    The advice given is super practical and helps me improve anything I want to do in stained glass.
    I recommend the stained glass trainings by Milly Frances, they are very easy to understand and perform.

    • You’re right that the courses are there waiting for you, whenever you can fit them in Lorraine.
      I’m so glad my classes have helped you improve your stained glass.
      Thanks for taking the time to write a review 🙂

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      Vous avez raison de dire que les cours vous attendent, chaque fois que vous pouvez les adapter en Lorraine.
      Je suis ravie que mes cours vous aient aidé à améliorer votre vitrail.
      Merci d’avoir pris le temps d’écrire un avis 🙂

  2. I purchased the “Stained Glass Made Perfect” course during our first lockdown in April 2020, besides putting me in the workroom, and out of the husband’s uncharacteristic ill humour, the course kept me occupied in the most wonderful and peaceful manner. I was properly learning skills that i had been dabbling with for 3 years! Most importantly, I was learning how to correctly use the tools and equipment. That was the most awesome lesson learnt!
    For everyone out there watching semi skilled people on various videos on the net, showing you how to get ahead with stained glass techniques, I would advise you to save the time, spend the pittance the course costs, and learn the skill properly.
    Milly takes the time to show different ways in which to achieve the results needed to create art, always stressing that there is YOUR way to use and take advantage of the tools and equipment.
    During our second lockdown, in June 2020, I got the “Leaded stained glass artistry” course. I was blown away with the result! I could not believe that I could “create “ such a piece!
    I have used the skills learnt to create a number of pieces. the great thing being that I always have the courses on line, to which I can refer.
    Thank you, Milly.

    • Colleen! You have made me blush to my ear tips!
      I’m really delighted to hear that I hit all the right learning buttons for you to create stained glass that you’re really proud of. That makes me proud, mostly of you and also of (teacher) me. And it doesn’t get better than that 🙂
      Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to comment.


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