Rescuing A Score With Confidence

You know when you’re in the middle of scoring a precious piece of glass and the cutter wheel hits a little snag in the glass? What do you do?

This video below shows you how to continue without spoiling the scoreline and wasting the glass.



Now. This was really interesting because as I’m coming along here, although it’s the smooth side, I do hear a little lump of glass, and you’ll see what I do. Did you hear that I lifted the cutter off just to ease over and then put it back on? And then when I go to break the score, it runs over because it was just a tiny little bit of pressure off. It didn’t matter for the score.

6 thoughts on “Rescuing A Score With Confidence”

  1. you say you are going to show me how to save apiece of glass that dident get cut all the way do to cutter whell stoping then all u have is nothing?????

    • There is something Reid, it’s just very subtle. Just a nudge over the obstruction. Other people might not have known what to do and might have run over their score again, damaging the cutter. Little things are important.

  2. Just had the same issue and this video really helps. ..I was not sure how to handle so I muscled my way worked but was scary and not controlled!


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