Stained Glass Solder Will Not Adhere

Applying flux for stain glass

Applying flux for stain glass

When I put my flux on it will not take the solder? In places it will but others it won’t. Help! Robin

Milly’s reply:

This could be a couple of things, but more likely to be number 1. below.

1. You need to keep reapplying flux, as it drains away or dries up if you don’t get to it quickly enough.
It’s best to flux a few seams at a time, as you go along, and it’s much better to have too much than too little flux.

2. Your soldering iron might not be holding temperature, and you might be experiencing ‘cold spots’, when it doesn’t melt the solder.
If you have a dial, turn it up a fraction and see if that makes a difference.

3. The tip gets gunked up with residue from the solder and flux. Make sure you keep it clean by wiping it on a wet sponge every now and again.

Let me know if that helps, best of luck.


2 thoughts on “Stained Glass Solder Will Not Adhere”

    • This normally happens for 3 reasons Richard; your foil isn’t clean, you don’t have enough flux or your iron isn’t hot enough. I hope that helps you sleuth it out.


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