Mirror Discoloration

Tips for Using Mirrors in Stained Glass Mirrors can be used very creatively in copper foiled stained glass work. You can use them as a regular looking glass, or incorporate them into lamps or panels. … (read more)

Cutting Stained Glass Circles

No Circle Cutter Needed Cutting stained glass circles can be done easily with basic stained glass equipment. Expensive circle cutters can help you – and they do work, but here you’ll learn how to cut perfect circles … (read more)

Lead came (right) lovely textural quality

Copper Foil vs. Hobby Came

Copper Foil vs Hobby Came Explained I am a copper foil guy and have not used lead came before. What are the advantages and disadvantages over copper foil? Milly’s Reply: Great question, thanks Joe. It’s … (read more)

Hakko stained glass soldering iron dial

Stained Glass Soldering Temperature

Stained glass soldering temperature is something I get asked about a LOT. Here are answers to common questions. Stained Glass Soldering Temperature Questions Temperatures For The Hakko FX-601 The temperature you need for soldering a … (read more)

Canfield 60/40 Solder

Dangers of Soldering with Lead

Question: What are the dangers of soldering with lead? I repaired an old cigarette lighter case that had split at the seams, by soldering it with 60/40. It’s a copper/metal case. Having never soldered in my life … (read more)

Zinc and Leading Queries

Where Can I Buy Stained Glass Lead Came in the UK? I have recently moved back from the States where all of my stained glass supplies were in abundance and easily available. However I am … (read more)

Colorful glass samples

Glass Painting Questions

How to decorate with paint on wine glasses I want to teach patients how to paint on wine glasses, so they can decorate glasses that will be suitable for sale to support our Not For Profit … (read more)

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