Branching Out

tree design over 3 panels
Design idea for stained glass
birch tree wall art in 4 panels
Idea for designing your own stained glass

Do you ever get that feeling that you’re looking at the world through ‘stained glass spectacles’? When everything has the potential to be made into stained glass?

Winter is a good time for this, with the trees showing us their branches and twigs. It’s all filtered into patterns that are crying out for glass and lovely bold solder lines.

John Oman and Ashbee Designs are obviously wearing similar spectacles, but not stained glass ones!

The strength of their artworks is the fact that they are a related series. One on it’s own wouldn’t work.

Can you see this in stained glass? Well get down to the woods and start collecting branches. Right now!

See more about the Birch Tree Shadow Box from Ashbee Design here.

There’s more ingenious branch wall hangings from John Oman here.

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