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I have been making stained glass panels for a while and I would like to incorporate drilled and engraved glass in my projects. I have been taking a course but my teacher has not been particularly helpful when I ask about what equipment I should be buying – could you advise?

I believe the thing I have been using so far is called a micro motor – or flexible drill bit. I would like to invest in this piece of equipment but I’m not sure exactly what I should be looking for and how much I should be spending – my teacher tells me they cost £300+ which seems an awful lot of money. I have seen a mini drill online here: http://www2.westfalia.net/shops/tools/power_tools_and_accessories/power_drills_and_screw_drivers/miniature_drills/278125-260_pce_mini_drill_and_millingcutter.html

Do you think this would do the job or should I be looking for a proper micro motor – and if so, could you recommend a supplier as I have had no luck when searching online.

Your site is an absolute gem! Many thanks for any advice you are able to give – it’s absolutely fantastic to know that there are people out there willing to give their time to help us newbies out!! Muna

Milly’s reply: Thanks for your question and lovely comments, I appreciate it.

I’m afraid I couldn’t get the link to work that you sent, and tried looking for drilling glass tools on the site with no luck, so I can’t advise you on the one you had in mind.

I assume that you’ve had a look at my Drilling Glass page?

I deal with Sutton Tools in Birmingham. Have a look under their Power Tools/Pendant Drills section. I’m afraid they are about £300. I bought mine years ago and didn’t do my research properly, sorry to build your hopes up! Sutton Tools are really really helpful on the phone – they will advise you on what to buy. I have to say that I always, always go for the best I can afford – the £300 drills are robust and quick and of course give the best results. The smaller motors last less long and it’s more difficult to get decent marks from them. They just don’t have the power.

Anyway, give Sutton Tools a ring. It would be great if you could come back and share your knowledge with everyone when you’re done.

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Dlack&Decker RT55O

Ihave been using this very handy power tool for engraving cutting drilling polishing glass metal wood…it is variable speed a little larger than the hand grip it cost me about 80 us dollars with accessories

Milly says: wow, that’s worth knowing. It’s cheap and sounds very versatile. Thanks for letting us know.

Update Muna

Thanks for your advice – I thought I would post an update on my search for an affordable drill. After a lot of looking I found the Axminster Heavy Duty Flexible Drive Unit from axminster.co.uk – the drive unit is £72.50 and the hand piece (including two collets) is an extra £17.85.

My tutor says that she is not keen on this drill – but I have been using it for a week or two and I can’t really see a difference between it and the drills we use in class. Seems to do the job fine – the only downside is that the hand piece is quite large – like holding a marker pen as opposed to a pencil. It has a foot pedal so you can vary the speed of the drill which I think is better than the micro drills I was considering at first which are a fixed speed.

All-in-all I think the drill is pretty good for the money – especially when you consider the alternatives are three times the price.

Milly’s reply: Thanks so much for updating us on this, Muna – it’s really useful for readers to have this information. Sounds like the only thing you’re lacking is sensitivity – and that isn’t so important if you’re not doing detailed work over a long period. Have fun with your new toy!

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