2 Things To Keep You On The Right Track

Inspiration is Everywhere

Designed and made by Milly’s student Pete Hammond

To keep you inspired and raring to go here’s a couple of windows that come with a lesson to learn…

As proof that inspiration is everywhere, here’s a gorgeous leaded panel by one of my students, Pete Hammond.

Inspiration for the design

He was in Lille, France, at this time last year when he saw a window in a building, took the photo below and made a design from it.

He drew it by hand using what he called his “elementary geometry skills”!

The piece, unframed, measures 30x30cm. The frame was made  from B&Q studding timber and emulsioned.

Pretty impressive, yes?


Make Your Own Frame

Leaded window by Steve Trist

This colourful window is from Everything Stained Glass visitor Steve Trist, who says:

“I have still only produced a handful of pieces and I am still trying to learn how to use glass, its texture, colour and transparency. I was trying to get bold contrast and to create an effect from the light shining through the work.

Steve’s leaded window in progress

I wanted to make a semi-circular window to replace the boarded-up window in the gable end of my somewhat dark and dingy workshop/studio :-). The window faces south and gets the morning sun until late morning when the sun is obscured by the house.

Steve working out the design

The first problem was that there was no window frame in place so that had to be thought about and made. 

The photos are not brilliant but I hope give an idea of what I’ve been doing….   I really like to see the reflection move across the floor and later across my bench….”

Pretty impressive, yes?

So. Two things to remember:

1. Take your camera everywhere and

2. Don’t give up if you don’t have a frame… just make one!

Feel free to comment below if you have any thoughts or questions for Pete or Steve.

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9 thoughts on “2 Things To Keep You On The Right Track”

    • You can frame in lead or zinc came Joan, you don’t always need to use wood. You would need a Came Bender for the zinc option though. I hope that helps a bit.

    • Aren’t they great Susi? I’m sure you WILL be producing work like this… little step at a time… and suddenly you’re there 🙂

  1. My goal of dark, even black lead frames on my copper foil work is far away. I just can’t seem to make it happen. I have used Milly’s ideas and scoured the interweb but nothing works for me. The best I can achieve is a gun metal grey. A sad contrast to my lovely black solder lines. Zinc is in my future.

    So I turned to my lovely husband who has made wood frames for various paintings I have found.

    I showed this story to my husband who was inspired! Looks like I won’t be limited to square and rectangular stained glass work!!

    Thank you for sharing, Steve!


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