Jig for an Oval Project

How to Lead an Oval Stained Glass Panel

Oval stained glass panel by Lori JonesI’m going to attempt my first Oval piece. Can you tell me how to go about setting up please? Do I need to make a jig for this? I’m also using my came bender for the first time. Anything I should know before attempting to use it? Liz

Milly’s reply:

Hi Liz, good for you, giving an oval panel a go, they’re quite tricky but I’m sure you’ll be up to it.

Let’s take each part of your question in turn.

For setting up, you’ll need to cut 2-3 pieces of ply wood or hardboard (3-4mm thick) in the shape of the top part of your oval, and nail them into the board.

You don’t want to go further than half way round, otherwise you won’t be able to fit all the pieces inside the oval.

Make sure you have your pattern underneath, so you can see that you’re doing it accurately. Once you start going past the edges of the hardboard, you’ll have to start using little bits of wood to keep your pieces of glass in the right place.

Words are so difficult! I hope I’ve made myself clear. Just make sure you can see the pattern – don’t forget to tape yours underneath so you can put the pieces together like a jigsaw.

The came bender. Zinc is the softest – copper next and then brass – so let’s hope you’ve got zinc to start with! Put the came in the lowest groove of the rollers. Don’t turn the handle too quickly, slow is good. The tighter you hold the came in, the tighter the angle and smaller the circumference.

Be careful that you only bend the top and bottom, otherwise you’ll find yourself with a circular panel!

Again, I’ve found a video to help. Click here to watch it.

Good luck, and come back and upload your panel for us to admire it when it’s finished.

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