UK Suppliers of Low Firing Glass Enamels

Where to buy Low Firing Glass Enamels in the UK


Red and Green Painted Glass

I would like to find suppliers of opaque enamels for painting – not for fusing or slumping
Many thanks

Milly’s reply:

Hi there, there’s a couple of places you could try. You don’t say if you want coloured enamels, rather than black or brown, so I’ll start with colours.

There’s Pearson’s Glass in Liverpool, who stock a wide range of paints, both transparent and opaque, for firing at different temperatures. Your best bet is to email them and ask them which paints they would recommend for you. They have different ranges.

You could also try Creative Glass Guild, but they only stock Reusche stained glass paints that are opaque but a very limited range of colours – black, bistre and umber brown, for example. These are the paints that were used for the drapery and facial features in medieval work.

Good luck with your search.


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