round butterfly stained glass

Framing Round Stained Glass Projects

Framing Round Projects I’m making some round stained glass and want to know what metal framing material is best. I’ve used zinc for my square projects and they are fairly easy to do. So far, … (read more)

Canfield 60/40 Solder

Dangers of Soldering with Lead

Question: What are the dangers of soldering with lead? I repaired an old cigarette lighter case that had split at the seams, by soldering it with 60/40. It’s a copper/metal case. Having never soldered in my life … (read more)

Zinc and Leading Queries

Where Can I Buy Stained Glass Lead Came in the UK? I have recently moved back from the States where all of my stained glass supplies were in abundance and easily available. However I am … (read more)

Colorful glass samples

Glass Painting Questions

How to decorate with paint on wine glasses I want to teach patients how to paint on wine glasses, so they can decorate glasses that will be suitable for sale to support our Not For Profit … (read more)

Firing Schedule for Paint and Stain

Help needed with firing schedule I need help with a firing schedule, to include annealing. I am staining some replacement diamond shapes in the old type German cathedral glass (minster glass) and I cannot find … (read more)

What material cuts glass?

What cuts Glass? I want to know that which material is best to use to using cut glass – is it a diamond? I am interested to know also about the different types of cutting … (read more)

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