Cleaning flux erosion from lead came

How to clean lead came joints

Brushing lead joints

Brushing lead joints

I have a lead came piece that I let sit with flux on the joints and glass. (School started back and I’m a teacher)

What is the best way to clean the piece before using cement and whitening? Thanks!!

Milly’s reply: Hi Brittany, I know what you mean about having to leave things – ‘life’ gets in the way of ‘art’!

But it is redeemable. Simply use a wire brush and brush each joint where the flux is. It may scratch the lead a bit, but don’t worry too much about that, as the polishing will hide that later.

It’s more important to have clean lead came without any oxidisation for soldering on to.

There’s a photo on my site that might help you. It’s towards the bottom of the soldering page.

When I’m getting the flux off the lead came after soldering, I tend to use a suede brush. There the ones you can buy in shoe stores to buff up your suede shoes! I find them a bit kinder to the lead than the wire ones.

Good luck with retrieving your project.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning flux erosion from lead came”

  1. Great too on removing flux after months..
    I’ve been trying to find a pattern of a smile a uneven toothy smile
    Any idea where to !loose I can’t draw for toffee

    Great site loads of info.

    • Hahaha, sounds like an amusing panel is about to be made. I can’t help you on sourcing the pattern though, sorry. I’m sure you can trace and adapt from a photo – you’ll be surprised if you give it a try.

  2. Hi Millie, A quick question for you. How do you clean cement off your brush after cementing the leaded panel up? I am using pre bought cement. I’ve heard others say they throw the brush away but that can’t be right!

    • I use two natural bristle brushes. Scrape the excess off (once it’s semi dry you can get most of it off) and keep bristles in white spirt so it’s pliable for the next project. The other is my whiting brush. You can re-use them for years, there’s no need to throw them away.


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