Egyptian Stain Glass Supplies

I like Stained Glass very much, please tell me how to learn this beautiful art? Have in consideration that I am from Egypt, and I haven’t much money to spend. Thank you very much.

Milly’s reply: Wow, Egypt! It’s great that people all over the world have a passion for and want to learn how to make stain glass…

To see where to start from the beginning, have a look at my Free Tutorials . They will take you through each stage of your project, step by step.

Find out what essentials you need to buy at: Stained Glass Kits and more about what each individual tool is for here. It’s easy to buy too much expensive stuff that you don’t actually need – these pages will help you decide what to buy and what the tools are used for.

I’ve had a look on the web to see about stained glass supplies in Egypt and found:

Universal Arts & Crafts
84 El Merghany St., Heliopolis, Cairo.
Tel: 02 4178261

Try ringing them and see whether they can help you. Even if they can’t, they may know someone who can.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to spend too much on expensive glass. I’ve seen some fantastic panels that were done using just lead and float – or window – glass. If you do this, you have to think hard about the lead line, as it is that, not colour, that creates your design.

Good luck with finding your supplies, and I hope you enjoy your new passion.


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