The Art of Glass – Stained Glass Inspiration Galore

The Art of Glass – Stained Glass Artists Showcase Videos

Stained Glass to Inspire and Amaze You

Over the years I’ve been really fortunate to have been immersed in the world of stained glass. I’ve had some excellent videos shared with me and have been very lucky to have seen some incredible stained glass work on my travels.

Below is a selection of videos and slideshow-videos showcasing some of these incredible and inspiring artists. I’d suggest bookmarking this page so that you can top up your inspiration pot whenever you need!

Robert Kehlmann – Beyond the Surface

If you like seeing into artists’ minds and watching them in the process of creating, you’ll love this. I particularly like the movement Robert Kehlmann achieves in his work. A fascinating video.

There’s more art of glass from Robert Kehlmann here:

Dale Chihuly

Byron Miles attended this fantastic Chihuly exhibition and has given me permission to compile his photos into a slideshow – thanks Byron!

Chihuly pushes the art of glass to its’ limits. If you know his work, you’ll know what I mean. If not, take a look, you’ll be amazed.

For more Chihuly see his website here

Brian Clarke

One of the very first artists to inspire me – way back in the 90s! – was Brian Clarke. I loved his vision, his boldness and his ambition. Brian is another stained glass artist who has stretched the limits of the art throughout his career.

Even today he is developing brand new techniques that are fluid and painterly. He has just recorded a brilliant talk, going through the development of his work with focus on his current work. This work is truly gorgeous, I know because I’ve just bought the catalogue of his exhibition ‘The Art of Light‘. (paid link)

Here’s the link to the Brian Clarke talk:

Brian Clarke’s website is here:

Stuart Low

Aw, I love this artist’s work. It’s so bold and intimate at the same time. Stuart Low lives in Bristol, UK, so I’ve been lucky enough to see his work in the flesh numerous times. These photos are taken from an exhibition I saw.

If you like Stuart Low’s particular take on the art of glass, you can find his website here:

Marc Chagall

Marc! Don’t we all love him?! So whimsical and so good at creating a whole world for us to disappear into. These are his America Windows, 1974-77. They are a truly uplifting set of windows in the Art Institute of Chicago. There’s more about the reasons behind them here:

More on Chagall

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13 thoughts on “The Art of Glass – Stained Glass Inspiration Galore”

  1. Thank you Milly
    That’s a great email to receive. I loved watching the Robert Kehlmann video especially, as I had not heard of him and found his way of working very inspiring, and seeing the way he changed his methods over the years. Stuart Low is also one of my favorite glass artists. I’ll be sharing this with my adult learners… as I do many of your posts.

    • Aw, that’s good to know Penelope, thanks. External inspiration and seeing how other artists work is one of the most important parts of teaching. You have some lucky students 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing i love Dale’s work such talent and vision i seen his work in Las Vegas when on my honeymoon in 2010 we went to his Gallery in front of Ariea hotel and I took so many pictures also his work was all over ariea love love his work i would’ve to own just one piece ❤.

    • I was lucky enough to go to his house and studio when I was at university. Me and all my fellow students were blown away by his creativity – it extends to his house decor too! We’d all like a piece, that would be nice wouldn’t it? He has enough to share around 🙂


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