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Stained glass kits save you money but how can you be sure that the one you choose is both high quality and contains everything you need? I’ve checked out lots of stained glass kits for you and found 2 of the best so that you can:

  • be sure your money is well spent AND
  • get started immediately with good quality stained glass tools

1. Best Stained Glass Kits For Copper Foil

Recommended Purchase

The Premium Stained Glass Start-Up Kit

stained glass kits for copper foil
Stained glass kits don’t get better than this. Click Image to Buy Now

This kit is the best of the stained glass kits for copper foil I’ve found. It comes with absolutely everything you need to start making stained glass. Not only that, the tools are high quality metal rather than the cheaper plastic ones you find elsewhere.

What’s Good About This Kit?

The 2 most important bits of this start-up kit – the soldering iron and cutter – are very good choices.

Weller 100 soldering iron
Weller 100 watt Iron
  • Soldering Iron:
    It contains a Weller 100 watt temperature-controlled soldering iron. This is a highly rated iron, reliable and consistent, and is the iron that I have been using myself and teaching students with for over 20 years. It has an in-built temperature control in the tip and this is very important as helps you solder neatly by keeping the temperature stable.
Toyo Brass Supercutter
Toyo Brass Supercutter
  • Cutter:
    The Toyo Brass Supercutter is a very high quality cutter with a brass body and a metal barrel which is cross-hatched to help you hold and cut easily. The head is replaceable – although you won’t need a new one for ages as it is made of tough carbide steel. The cutter is self oiling, releasing oil when pressure is applied

Other recommended features of this Premium Stained Glass Start-Up Kit:

PowerMax 11 stained glass grinder
Kit includes top rated PowerMax 11 Grinder
  1. I’m very excited to see the Grinder Cookie included! This is a surprise hit with students and will help you grind your glass pieces easily and accurately.
  2. Stained glass kits don’t always include grinders but I think they’re pretty much essential for beginners. This kit comes with a very reliable PowerMax II Glass Grinder. It has a really powerful motor and a good size – 91/2” square – grinding surface.
  3. It has a glass pack – you can’t choose the colours unfortunately but 8 hobby sheets will be enough to make a few projects and get you started.
  4. I’m very VERY happy to see that both the Breaker/Grozer pliers AND the Running Pliers are the long-lasting metal ones that I regularly recommend. No flimsy plastic here, thankfully.


Just a tiny one. I wouldn’t personally bother with the flux pen. I’ve never had any luck with them. Liquid or paste flux is much more practical, so I’d add that to your order.


With the copper foil, solder, safety goggles and the DVD to show you how to use your new tools, this is an extremely fair priced and comprehensive kit for beginners. These tools will last.

Premium Stained Glass Start-Up Kit came out top in the reviews on every count. It’s the best value, quality and contains all the essential tools so you’re not paying for things you don’t need.

I can’t fault it. 10 out of 10.

2. Best Stained Glass Kits For Leaded Stained Glass

Recommended Purchase

stained glass kits for leaded stained glass
Trying leaded stained glass is easy with this kit. Click Image to Buy Now

The Ultimate Lead Upgrade Tool Kit

This kit is full of well-made and reliable tools and materials. I’m pleased to see that the Lead Nippers (sometimes called Lead Dykes) are of good, lasting quality.

It includes absolutely everything you need for easily upgrading and giving lead came a try.

What’s Good About This Kit?

This kit gives you an opportunity to move into leaded projects from copper foil without costing the earth or leaving you with lots of duplicate materials and tools. It includes all those extra bits of kit you need specifically for lead came:
Lead Pattern Shears, Lead Nippers and Fid, Lead Vise, Wire Brush, Glazing Hammer, Horseshoe Nails – 100 pieces, Black Cement – 1 lb., Whiting Powder – 1-1/2 lb., Scrub Brush, 50/50 Solder – 1 lb., Lead and glass stop blocks – 25 pieces, 12 feet of 1/4 inch Adj. U zinc came cut innto 8 18″ pieces, 7/32 inch Round H lead came – 4 pieces rolled and bagged.

It even has an instructional DVD to take you through the basic processes.


Out of all the stained glass kits I looked at, this one came up top as offering the best value for those ready to go from copper foil to leaded stained glass without starting over from scratch. It is a very comprehensive selection of tools and materials, mixing quality must-have tools with a range of useful items. The only thing to remember is that you will need to add a soldering iron and stand, a cutter and safety goggles if you have no existing stained glass tools. 9.5 out of 10.

 There’s a page exploring the different stained glass tools you need for Copper Foil here.

There’s another page going into more detail about each individual tool used in Leaded stained glass here.

Once you receive your kit, come back and have a look at my free tutorials on how to make stained glass so that you can start making your own panels.

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