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Stained glass starter kits make your life easier, but how can you be sure that the one you choose is both high quality and contains everything you need?

  • Find out which stain glass kits are made up from top class tools and the most useful materials.
  • Learn about the range of packages available and which one will suit your project best.
  • Save between 15-20% by choosing a kit to suit your creative needs and budget.

Best Stained Glass Kits For Copper Foil


The Premium Stained Glass Start-Up Kit

This kit comes with absolutely everything you need to start making stain glass. Not only that, the tools are high quality metal rather than the cheaper plastic you find elsewhere.


– It contains a Studio 100 watt temperature controlled soldering iron. This is a highly rated iron, reliable and consistent. An in-built thermostat is very important as it stops the iron from over-heating.

– The Supercutter dry wheel cutter is a good quality tool. Having the choice of whether to use oil or not is important, especially if you want to try fusing in the future.

start up kit for stain glass
Stained Glass Start-Up Kit

– The Start-up kit comes with a very reliable Gryphon Gryphette grinder. It’s small so won’t take up much space, reasonably quick, very powerful, and accepts all replacement grinder bits. – It has a selection of Wissmach English Muffle glass. This is a good choice, simple to cut for beginners and with a nice texture.

– The grozing and breaking pliers are the long-lasting metal ones that I regularly recommend. No plastic here, thankfully.


Just a tiny one. I wouldn’t personally bother with the flux pen. I’ve never had any luck with them. Liquid or paste flux is much more practical, so I’d add that to your order.


With the copper foil, solder, safety goggles and the DVD to show you how to use your new tools, this is an extremely fair priced and comprehensive kit for beginners.

The Start-Up Kit came out top in the reviews on every count. It’s the best value, quality and contains all the essential tools so you’re not paying for things you don’t need

I can’t fault it. 10 out of 10.

Best Stained Glass Kits For Lead Came


The Ultimate Lead Start-up Kit

This kit is full of well-made and reliable tools and materials. It includes absolutely everything you’ll need for starting out with lead came panels.
– It includes a high quality Studio100 watt temperature controlled soldering iron with stand. The thermostat is even more crucial with this technique, so that you don’t burn holes in the lead. – It has a Studio Pro oil-filled pencil grip cutter. This is a good cutter and the wheel will last a long time if treated well.

– I’m happy to see the heavy duty metal running and breaker/grozer pliers in this kit. They both come highly recommended.

beginner start up kit for lead came
Beginner Lead Came Start-Up Kit

– Of course that’s not all. The kit comes complete with an instructional DVD, lead knife, nippers and vise and all the materials and miscellaneous tools you need for a stained glass leaded project.


– It would be good if a small selection of artglass was included to get started with.


This kit came up top as being the best value and packed with high quality tools. It holds a much more balanced selection, mixing quality must-have tools with a whole range of sturdy and useful items. The only thing missing is glass. 9.5 out of 10.

Other Copper Foil Kits

The Deluxe Stained Glass Tool Kit
This kit doesn’t have any instructional material or – crucially – a glass grinder, but is still made up from some very good looking tools.

It has a highly-rated Studio 100 watt temperature-controlled soldering iron, a Supercutter dry wheel glass cutter and two pairs of robust pliers.


You could do well with this kit, but the lack of a grinder is a big blow as you will definitely need one to achieve the accurate fits needed for copper foiling. Extra spending needed. 8 out of 10.

The Premium Stained Glass Starter Kit

This one has the most equipment and is about $80 more than my recommended Start-up kit above.

For that money, it has a tiny bit more glass, a beginners’ instruction book with stain glass patterns, a grinder cookie to help hold the glass close to the grinder head, some Mark Stay line preserver and a soldering iron stand.


Despite including high quality tools and materials, this kit contains quite a few items you don’t need and is consequently a bit too expensive. 7.5 out of 10.

Other Lead Came Kits

Basic Glass Tool Kit
If it’s a stained glass starter kit you’re after, then the Basic is no good for you at all.

This kit is designed, and is perfect for, a crafter who already has all the stained glass tools for copper foiling and who only needs a couple of additional tools and materials to give leaded panels a try.


6 out of 10 if you need a comprehensive starter kit, 9 out of 10 if you just want the additional leading tools.

Ultimate Lead Tool Kit

If you are just starting out, this kit simply doesn’t give you enough tools to make leaded stained glass.

At the very least, you would have to add a glass cutting tool, running pliers, breaker/grozer pliers and a soldering iron. That’s a lot more dollars to spend.


I’m not sure who this ‘Ultimate Lead Tool Kit’ is aimed at. It seems to cover the less important tools and materials in detail, but misses out some absolutely essential items. 4 out of 10.

There’s more information here about each individual tool and how to use them.

Once you receive your kit, come back and have a look at my free tutorials on how to make stained glass so that you can start making your own panels.



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