Glass Fusing and Slumping

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Kiln Firing Schedule for Adding Texture To Your Glass

Complete Kiln Firing Program This general kiln firing schedule for kiln carving will enable you to slump unique textures on your artwork. With any firing program, there are so many different variables to think about. Some about the kiln (eg. size, where the elements are situated, insulation properties). Others about…
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Stained Glass Tutorials

How To Fuse Glass

Simple Fusing Instructions Fused glass is one of the easiest and most exciting techniques for beginners. There's lots of things you can make with jewellery, plates, coasters, sun catchers, clock or small windows and panels for your home. There's also many different creative things you can do. You can fuse…
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Glass sizes on mould?

Question about Glass size on a slumping Mold I am trying to slump glass, and wanted to ask about the glass size on a mold. Should it be smaller than the mold when you cut it? I have just only really started working with glass recently. Your work is really…
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