Learn Fusing And Slumping

Make Glass Bowls

Ever wanted to make your own glass plates and bowls? There’s instructions here to show you how to do just that.

If you’re just starting out with warm glass there’s a lot to learn, but if you take it one stage at a time it’s easy to get the hang of each process. These tutorials give you a detailed step by step approach to each technique.

Starting with fusing, you will learn how to melt the glass together and fire it in the kiln. Next comes slumping, or shaping the fused piece using a mould. There’s a couple of tutorials on this, one showing you the best type of mould, and the other taking you through the preparation process for firing.

With the detailed firing schedule, you will be able to successfully make a bowl.

Fusing and Slumping Tutorials

two slumping molds 1. Slumping – The Basics Learn about the different ways of slumping. Find out about all the different types of mould available, and which is best for your making project.
fused and slumped green glass bowl 2. Slumping Tutorial Simple instructions showing how to prepare a mold for slumping. Includes a slump firing schedule and video.
fused glass garden Fusing Essential information about fusing and how it works. Includes a kiln firing schedule for getting started.

Glass Kiln Library

Using your kiln can be a bit nerve racking to start with. This section is here to help you. This is the page for you if you don’t know:

  • where to start with a firing schedule
  • what happens to your glass when you shut the lid
  • what sort of kiln to buy
  • whether or not you can use a pottery kiln

There’s even a dramatic story about building a furnace!

Kiln Know-How

kiln firing notebook What happens to your glasswork during a firing schedule? Once you understand how it behaves when it’s heated up, you’ll be able to start making up your own programs for your own projects. Start firing with confidence.
glass furnace with flames Building a wood-fired furnace from scratch. The story of a magical weekend spent building a furnace with only a torn image of a furnace for help. See what we ended up with at the end of two days.
green kiln carved piece Learn how to texture – or kiln carve – with this firing program. Ever wanted to create your own unique patterns on your glasswork? Here’s where you’ll learn the schedule to do just that. Contains detailed information about the different segments of the firing cycle.


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