Attaching Hangers to Finished Stained Glass Projects

How to solder a ring to a stained glass panel


I am probably what one would call a beginner when it comes to stained glass although, I love doing it and have actually been commissioned to do several pieces over the past year.

I am currently working on a Harley Davidson Logo. It is done except for the hangers.

I used the copper foil method for the piece itself. Then I outlined it with U-lead to finish the edges. My problem is this – I can’t seem to get the chain to attach. I can usually just use solder and get it to stay but I have been completely unsuccessful this time. It is a rather wide piece, as it spans about 30 inches.

What would you suggest as far as a way to hang the piece?

Thanks for your advice!

I have attached a picture of the piece before I did the soldering. I am not doing the large surrounding pieces I just did the logo. By Pam
(Berwick, PA)

Milly’s reply: Thanks for your question. You don’t look like a beginner to me!

You say that you ‘can’t get the chain to attach’, but don’t tell me what’s happening. So, here’s a couple of suggestions, but come back to me with more detail if I haven’t answered your question.

Is it the same type of chain that you normally use? If not, are you sure that the metal it’s made of is compatible with using solder? Some metals won’t ‘take’ solder.

Have you cleaned the U-lead with a wire brush before attempting to solder? It may have oxidised, forming a surface that prevents solder from adhering easily and well.

I hope this doesn’t insult you, as I can see you’ve done lots of stained glass before – are you using flux on the join? Solder won’t stick without it.

Um… If it’s not any of the above, have you thought about the simplest soldering fix of all…

… a regular maintenance routine for your soldering iron. I bet you didn’t know that a well-maintained iron actually improves your soldering?

To help keep your iron in peak condition I have a mini $14 course for you. It gives you the correct procedure for both a daily and a more thorough occasional deep clean.

Have a look at the Soldering Iron Maintenance Blueprint mini course to see if it’s right for you, your soldering AND your iron 🙂

The course also includes some crucial not-often-spoken-about soldering tips.

I’ve also got two tutorials on this site about adding hooks, which might help. Don’t know if you’ve already seen them:

Adding Hooks To Zinc Frame. This one will work for lead came, too.

Fixing Hooks To Suncatchers. This one is for copperfoil, but might be of some use.

Hope that answers your question.

8 thoughts on “Attaching Hangers to Finished Stained Glass Projects”

    • You need to make the starfish ‘solderable’ by adding a solderable metal ring or copper foil. You’ll have to either foil the starfish or carefully drill a hole into which you put a jump ring, which is then soldered on. The second allows the starfish to move but it might be too delicate for that? I’ve never been asked that before Kathy 🙂

    • Hi Marjorie. I don’t know I’m afraid, the stained glass pattern got sent to me be a visitor to my site. You could try adapting it for your own use. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  1. Good point Lorrie, thank you for the caution. It’s always a good idea to work out these issues before you start on a piece.

  2. Forgive me if you have thought of this, but, as I see your beautiful piece, as it is quite wide, I would caution you to be careful of where you place your hangers, as the piece could buckle.


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