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In this section you’ll find all the techniques to help you decorate your stained glass. These range from Solder and Wire Work to Mosaic and Dalle de Verre. You’ll find articles on Stained Glass Painting and Etching Glass to help you decorate the surface of the glass.

Stained glass copper foiled butterfly

Add a Special Something
Wow your friends and family with this gorgeous decorative soldered edge to your gifts. If you’re confident with soldering and looking for a challenge this is the tutorial for you!

blue etching stencil

Transform Your Gifts
Let your creativity loose and add unique detail to your glass art work with glass etching stencils.Cut down on waste by choosing the right type of stencil for your project.

Use Up Your Glass Scraps
How to make beautiful stained glass applique panels using leftover cullet. Learn which glues work best, how to grout neatly and clean up easily.

Decorative Techniques

3 Ways To Personalise A Stained Glass Wedding Gift

A stained glass wedding gift is a perfect way of making your friend's Big Day extra-special. Someone recently asked me if it was possible to create a panel from a photo of a couple on a lake.  It was a picture of the 'groom to be' proposing to the 'bride to be' and the woman wanted…
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