Stained glass copper foiled butterfly

Add a Special Something

Wow your friends and family with this gorgeous decorative soldered edge to your gifts. If you’re confident with soldering and looking for a challenge this is the tutorial for you!

blue etching stencil

Transform Your Gifts

Let your creativity loose and add unique detail to your glass art work with glass etching stencils.Cut down on waste by choosing the right type of stencil for your project.

Use Up Your Glass Scraps

How to make beautiful stained glass applique panels using leftover cullet. Learn which glues work best, how to grout neatly and clean up easily.

mixed glass paint

Perfect Paint Mixing

Achieve smooth painted lines by learning how to mix paint perfectly. Contains unique photos.

blue etching stencil

Using Glass Etching Stencils

How To Etch Glass With Stencils There’s hundreds of glass etching stencils to choose from, so how do you know which ones are best for you? Read on to: Find out how to etch glass … (read more)

Decorative Soldering Technique

 Pretty Dripped Solder Edge Decorative soldering for stained glass is the difference between a Victoria sponge and a Wedding Cake. It really is special and adds that ‘WOW’ factor to your projects. You can go … (read more)

Firing Schedule for Paint and Stain

Help needed with firing schedule I need help with a firing schedule, to include annealing. I am staining some replacement diamond shapes in the old type German cathedral glass (minster glass) and I cannot find … (read more)

stained glass paint

Deep Glass Paint Colors

How to fire stained glass paint to create deeper and richer colors. Full of tips for getting the most from colored enamels.

blue etched penguins

Etching With Acid

Tutorial on the wonders of glass etching with acid. Includes different types of resists and original photos.

Dangers of Glass Etching Acid

Health Risks of Using Acid to Etch Glass Where can I purchase hydrofluoric acid for etching glass? Thanks – and I love your site! Milly’s answer: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to underline just how … (read more)

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